Behemoth Brawls

Session 10 - I thought the gas came from the other end...

Last session the group found the giant's dig site and Weasel led the giants on a merry chase while Gorawwwk teased them and Randole stole some magic items from them. After testing a few of the magic items, the group proceededon to the Kryptgarden Forest and eventually found Claugiylamatar, the ancient green dragon.
Mortimer Seaton heard the large giant's munching and immediately thought of bubble gum and how his mother disliked his horrible habit of chewing with his mouth open.
Claugiylamatar says "mmnnmmmhnnmm, so what's this about giants?"
Claugiylamatar says "Not very talkative, huh? Well, I can always use another snack…"
Gorawwwk struts up in front of the dragon and says, "We hunt giants (some dragons too, but not you dragon). Want help kill giants? Bad giants need killing."
Claugiylamatar says "Now that's a sentiment I can agree with, but I've never really needed help…"
Mortimer Seaton says "GIANTS!"
Mortimer Seaton says "I tried drowning some once… they didn't seem to appreciate that much"
Claugiylamatar says "Or are you looking for help from me?"
Gorawwwk nods emphatically, "We tried to kill them alone, but were not so good at it. Help is what we need, or really big diversion."
Claugiylamatar rears back, roars and flaps his wings. "I don;t do diversions!"
Mortimer Seaton says "But we are happy to share the credit once the giants are taken down!"
Gorawwwk rolls 6for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 12.
Ilyena rolls 19for a Dexterity check and gets 19.
Mortimer Seaton rolls 13for a Dexterity check and gets 15.
Weasel rolls 18for a Dexterity check and gets 19.
Nigh Quill rolls 17for a Dexterity check and gets 20.
"Randole" rolls 20for a Dexterity check and gets 23.
The wing blast from the dragon blows averyone around, but no one actually falls over, though Gorawwwk has to really work for it.
Gorawwwk flaps his own wings as mightily as he can to stay upright and shouts, "Yes! Like that, but at giants! Fire giants! Hill giants! All the giants will tremble!"
Claugiylamatar slurps the leg through his teeth and swallows it. "I can offer you advice, from what I've seen in my crystal balls, but I doubt you're heroes enough to put it to good use."
Mortimer Seaton says "Heros enough for what? Of course I am heroic!"
Mortimer Seaton says "Heros enough for what? Of course I am heroic!"
Ilyena braces herself against the force of the wind from the Dragon's tail and approaches. "We welcome any advice, friend. We will accept your help in any way you would give it."
Claugiylamatar eyes Ilyena. "Hmm properly respectful. I like that. Just so. Here is what you must do."
Claugiylamatar says "Travel North to the valley of Khedrun ans search for the temple called The Eye of the All Father"
Claugiylamatar says "Therin you will learn what must be done to end the giant menace"
Mortimer Seaton sniffles as the green dragon mentions the eye of all father, thinking of his own father and the quest he abandoned. The only way to truly live in his honor is to make the dragon's quest.
Mortimer Seaton says "I wouldn't mind a little trek up north. I hear the weather is quite lovely this time of the year""
Ilyena nods, absorbing the instructions. "And would you accompany us, noble Dragon?"
Claugiylamatar laughs, "No, you will probably die. I will stay here and guard my tr….I mean relax."
Ilyena bows deeply, since formality seems to please the beast. "We thank you for your wise words."
Claugiylamatar says "Meh, no skin off my nose really. Good thing for you I just ate a small village."
Claugiylamatar farts.
Claugiylamatar says "Farmers always give me gas…"
Gorawwwk paces back and forth in front of the dragon and asks, "What if we do die? Who will save the world? At least give us something to help along the way, yes? Shiny ball of seeing things would help?"
Claugiylamatar says "Give you something? Never! Now begone, before I decide I need an apperitif."
Claugiylamatar says "Keep your hands off my balls!"
Gorawwwk peers up at the dragon and says, "But if we collect all seven we get a wish?"
Claugiylamatar says "Are you making an attempt at humor?"
Claugiylamatar says "I do not understand your reference…"
Claugiylamatar says "Oh, but a final bit of advice:"
Gorawwwk shakes his head, "Never. Humor is not my thing. I want a wish! I wish for… giant-resistant pants!"
Claugiylamatar says "If you meet a frost giant wearing a GRRRR white dragon skull heed his words, for he may help you in your quest."
Mortimer Seaton says "Aren't all skulls bones and all bones white? Or was the dragon a white dragon? Jeez, I failed anatomy back in the unviersity days. Not sure I would recognize that. Maybe I am better off a goner."
Claugiylamatar sighs, "Then you have nothing to lose…" and turns around, lumbering off into the forest.
Gorawwwk peers around at the others and says, "You heard the dragon! He wants us to find his balls so we can wish the giants away. Or… for the softest most comfy pair of…" and wanders off in a daydream probably best left unspoken…
Nigh Quill says "Another quest?"
Nigh Quill says "How many are we up to now? Does someone have the quest book?"
Mortimer Seaton says "All the quests!"
Nigh Quill sits on a rock
Ilyena chuckles. "Three, unless you count that sister in Daggerford, which I definitely do not." She looks around between her comrades. "Which is closer, Shadowtop Cathedral or the Valley of Khedrun? Do any of you have a map?"
Nigh Quill says "I remember hearing something about the Valley of Khedrun beinf up in the Spine of the World"
Gorawwwk is still pacing around dreaming of all his wishes.
Ilyena thinks for a long moment, trying to remember her geography. Having not been out of her own wood very often until lately, everything seemed far away. "Well, I think since we have a better idea where the Cathedral is, perhaps we should go there first. One more pair of hands may come in handy while we're trying to find this Valley."
Mortimer Seaton says "I agree with you Ilyena. Wouldnt want to get lost on our way to a quest that a dragon threatened would kill us. That sounds like a recipe for disaster."
Gorawwwk pipes up, "Cawwthedral? Why for would go to Cawwthedral?"
Nigh Quill says "Something about trees?"
Ilyena sighs. "There is a giant hunter at the Cathedral."
Gorawwwk scoffs, "I am a DRAGON hunter! Much better than giant hunter. But if it make elf-girl feel safe, we go. Then, to danger and beyond!" Then he calmly lifts off and starts flying in circles over the group waiting on them to die so he can eat their organs… or get moving in the direction of the cawwthedral.
"Randole" says "You leading the way, Ilyena? You seem to know where we're going…"
The group trudges eastfor several days, across the Long Road and the Dessarin River into the High Forest, searching for Shadowtop Cathedral. After being in the High Forest for several hours as the sun sets, you hear voices from a clearing up ahead. and the flicker of a campfire
Uzrug says "No, It's that way, I tell ya!"
Brokok says "We came from that way, you dolt!"
Mortimer Seaton is a little slow to realize that someone turned out the lights and instinctively reaches for a torch to light.
Butarg says "We've been wandering for days…sniffle"
Xokig says "Yeah, I'm getting tired and hungry. I could eat a scrawny aarakocra."
Brokok says "You said go left. I went to the left for hours and never got anywhere."
Weasel whispers "Maybe they need some help?"
Gorawwwk whispers, "Fee fii foe fum… I hear the sound of someone dumb…"
Mortimer Seaton says "They said they were hungry and I am not prepared to be anyone's snack"
Xokig says "I'm want to be home, in Grudd Haugg"
Nigh Quill says "Hey, Gorawwwk. Mind if I steal that line?"
Weasel says "They just want to go home thought guys. It can't hurt to offer our assistance. "
Gorawwwk shrugs and says, "Lines are free. Unless someone invents a way to make them theirs…"
Ilyena says softly, "This seems like a bad idea."
"Randole" says "We could just go around, but I can't really see that happening…"
Xokig sniffels
Yarig says "Aw jeez, Xokig. Giant up."
Xokig says "I miss my mommy's roast beast…"
Butarg smacks Xokig on the back of the head "That's enough of that"
Xokig says "sorry"
Gorawwwk whispers, "Is it just me, or are all the giants we meet really not good at this conquering-the-world thing?"
Weasel sneaks closer to a bush to try to get a good look at who the whiners are. 
Brokok pokes the fire
Weasel rolls 9for a Stealth skill check and gets 10.
Mortimer Seaton is mesmorized by the fire. "Weasel, no! Dont go towards the light"
Brokok rolls 14for a Stealth skill check and gets 13.
Brokok rolls 6for a Stealth skill check and gets 5.
Weasel turns back to the group, and whispers, much louder than she intends to, "Guys! They're Ogres!" 
Brokok rolls 1for a Perception skill check and gets -1.
Brokok says "duhhhh"
Gorawwwk perks up, "Ogres? Ogres we can kill, right? Not giants. Just… smelly? I say we kill the ogres."
Xokig rolls 17for a Perception skill check and gets 15.
Xokig says "Did you hear something?"
Butarg says "I heard you crying like a baby"
Uzrug says "Worse, like an ELF"
Yarig says "Ooooh, burn"
Uzrug says "Xokig is a baby elf!"
Xokig says "No really, I heard something!"
Ilyena frowns. "I do not think we need to bother with them if they do not bother with us."
Xokig says "And there's a light over there!"
Weasel whispers "If they're just ogres I think we should help them out!"
Uzrug says "Go towards the light HAHAHAHA!"
Gorawwwk coos, "Options. Out of them. Fight it is!"
Gorawwwk flaps his wings a few times and flies up into the darkness.
Weasel steps out of the bushes, offended by the ogres taunt to his friend, "Hey! Quit making fun of him! That's not very nice at all. Plus at least he noticed when something was wrong." 
Xokig says "Yeah! Hey wait, who are you?"
Weasel says "People call me weasel cause I'm small. Who are you? "
Xokig approaches Weasel. "I'm Xikog. We're lost"
Weasel says "So I've heard. You're a little loud. Where are you trying to go? "
Xokig says "Grudd Haug"
Butarg rolls 1for a Reflex save and gets 0.
Weasel turns back to her group, "Do we know where Grudd Haug is? My friend here is trying to get home." 
Butarg says "Bring your new friend over here for dinner!"
Yarig says "Yeah, dinner! SNORT"
Weasel says "Well that's very thoughtful of you! See! It's not that hard to be kind!"
Mortimer Seaton says "Weasel, they want to eat you. Don't fall for it."
Weasel Shushes Mortimer, "That was offensive." 
Xokig says "Yeah, they probably do"
Butarg says "Yeah, we do. We can do this the easy way or…"
Yarig says "There's another way?"
Mortimer Seaton says "Your new friend and I are just trying to look out for you. Jeex."
Uzrug says "We've only ever done it one way"
Weasel says "Well, whle they're trying to figure out where you're going, maybe you can help me out. We're trying to find a Cathedral. Have you seen one around?"
Gorawwwk flits down onto a treetop just at the edge of the ogre camp and watches the little gnome try to be clever again. 
Xokig says "Like a church?"
Butarg stands up and appraches Xokig and Weasel
Weasel says "Yeah, but like a really big one. "
Butarg says "Aw, yer hardly a morsel"
Mortimer Seaton movse closer to Weasel, afraid of the funny business these orgres might pull
Ilyena nods her head emphatically in response to the ogier, but of course he probably can't see her, nor does he even seem to be looking in her direction. 
Weasel says "I introduced myself as being small. what were you expecting? "
Brokok gathers up the other 2 ogres and attempt to surround Weasel
Mortimer Seaton prepares to drown these suckers if they get any closer or threaten Weasel's wellbeing
Brokok says "Who's the guy with the torch here?"
Brokok says "He'd make a mouthful, anyway"
Weasel sighs, and takes out her axe, swinging it nonchalantly in front of her. "I'm not here by myself ya know. And just cause I'm small, doesn't mean I can't down you with the swing of my axe. I just wanted to help you get home, but you just couldn't accept a kind travelers help."
Mortimer Seaton says "I, sir, am Mortimer Seaton and if you move even one step closer I will drown you."
Weasel Darts between two of the ogres, so that at least not all of them could hit her at once
Xokig says "Come on, guys! They can help us"
Xokig says "If you eat them, we'll still be lost!"
Yarig says "Elf Baby has a point"
Uzrug says "We can eat all but one?"
Butarg says "Let's hear them out. Do you know how to get to Grudd Haug?"
Ilyena readies her sword and shield with a heavy sigh. 
Weasel says "only if you know how to get to the cathedral "
Uzrug says "Huh? How can your knowledge of Grudd Haud depend on our knowledge of…well, anything really?"
Gorawwwk tilts his head this way and that, watching the ogres and trying to decide which one gets shot in the face first…
Brokok stares at Uzrug "Wha..?"
Weasel says "it's a trade off. You tell me where the cathedral is, and then I'll tell you where Grudd Haug is. "
Xokig says "Oh. We don't know. Does that mean you don't know how we get home? Because if you don't, I think my friends are going to eat you."
Weasel sighs, and rolls her eyes. "Big help you guys are." 
Yarig says "yes, we're big. You're small."
Weasel points the opposite direction that her group is headed. "Go straight for about 2 miles and then take a right. That should definitely get you there." 
Xokig says "Oh. Wow! Thanks! Let's go guys!"
Xokig runs of in the direction weasel pointed
Weasel rolls 2for a Persuasion skill check and gets 2.
Butarg rolls 9for a Insight skill check and gets 7.
Butarg says "She's lying you doofus!"
Xokig says "No, she's my friend!"
Weasel yells "RUN"
Mortimer Seaton whispers "guys, I could still drown them…"
Xokig pats weasel on the head as he runs by
Xokig says "Thank you friend" and runs off East
Weasel waits for Xoklg to run past before she turns to the rest of the group, and puts a hand on her hip. "Do you guys really want to try me?"
Mortimer Seaton backs away slowly before the other four orgres decide that he would make excellent sushi.
Butarg says "Yarig, go get Xokig. The rest of you, take these hooligans."
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Ilyena rolls 3for a Strength check and gets 4.
GM [DM] heals Nigh Quill, "Randole", Weasel, Mortimer Seaton, Ilyena to maximum.
Nigh Quill rests.
"Randole" rests.
Weasel rests.
Mortimer Seaton rests.
Ilyena rests.
Selected Creature(s) have rested.
GM [DM] heals Gorawwwk to maximum.
Gorawwwk rests.
Selected Creature(s) have rested.
Ilyena readies.
Nigh Quill rests.
"Randole" rests.
Weasel rests.
Mortimer Seaton rests.
Ilyena rests.
Selected Creature(s) have rested.
Gorawwwk shouts, "Stupid ogres. Fontlebottom the Magnicious strikes again!"
Gorawwwk uses Imbue Arrow.
Gorawwwk hits Yarig with Poisoning Arrow (Con vs. Poisoned) for 10 damage (d8+3 piercing) plus 4 damage (d6 poison).
Brokok hits Mortimer Seaton with Greatclub for 9 damage (2d8+4 bludgeoning).
Gorawwwk concentrates a little energy into the tip of his arrow and tries to grin when it glows a sickly green before loosing.
Yarig rolls 3for a Constitution check and gets 6.
GM uses Poisoned on Yarig.
Uzrug hits Weasel with Greatclub for 16 damage (2d8+4 bludgeoning).
Mortimer Seaton uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Mortimer Seaton uses Tidal Wave (Level 3, 120') on Uzrug, Brokok, Yarig.
Xokig continues running east
Mortimer Seaton Feels anger tingling in his fingers as a large wave crashes down over the unfortunate flesh mongers. " I am a man of my word. You hurt my friend and I will drown you. Maybe next time you should follow your friend and take some swimming lessons while you're at it."
Weasel hits Uzrug with Battleaxe for 13 damage (d8+5 slashing).
Uzrug says "Ow!"
The effect Ilyena is readying is gone.
Ilyena pauses, assessing the confusing turn of events. In no time, she realizes that this is indeed coming down to a fight for their lives. With Mortimer on the front line, she runs up to join him, slashing with her sword before she has even come to a stop. 
Ilyena CRITS Uzrug with Longsword (1H) for 11 damage (d8+1 slashing).
Yarig gets up off the forest floor and chases after Xokig "Get back here!"
Ilyena hits Yarig with Longsword (1H) for 9 damage (d8+1 slashing).
Weasel misses Yarig with Battleaxe. 
Butarg hits Ilyena with Javelin (30/120) for 16 damage (2d6+4 piercing).
Round 2 begins.
Nigh Quill uses 2nd Level Spell slot.
Nigh Quill uses Crown of Madness on Butarg.



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