Behemoth Brawls

Session 8 - I'll huff and I'll puff...

Last week the group got the beat-down by a trio of fire giants, but were rescued just in time by a passing dragon, who has since turned himself into a halfling.
"Randole" suddenly snaps out the daze he's been stuck in, as if he had been on auto pilot for awhile and just recently regained control of himself.
Nigh Quill says "Did that dragon say his name was Felgolos?"
"Randole" eyes the halfling now standing before them suspiciously. "Where'd you come from?"
Felgolos says "Well, just because those giants could smear you with a single hit doesn't mean they should be allowed to. Did they say why they were collecting people?"
Felgolos nods at the approaching dwarf "Here and there."
Nigh Quill says "saunters over and joins the group."
Felgolos says "You must be a bard. Besides narrating your actions, do you speak about yourself in the third person, also?"
"Randole" says "We all do that sometimes. Not sure why though…"
Felgolos says "Hmmm, how meta of you…"
Gorawwwk mutters something about fickle gods and the feeling someone is poking him from on high sometimes…
Gorawwwk throws his hands up in the air and says, "See? All the time. Is nothing! Back to business. You can kill giants. You kill giants for us, yes?"
Mortimer Seaton , still a little dazed and confused from the beating he took from the giants, stumbles over to the group. Looking at the halfling, he mumbles, "Am I seeing things? Who are you?"
"Randole" says "Far as I can tell, they were just takin' 'em fer slaves"
Ilyena pats Gorawwk on the arm again, almost as if she were doing it by habit at this point. To the halfling she says,, "He means with us, not for us, friend. His Common is not so good."
Felgolos says "I'm sorry! I only introduced myself to the giants. I am Felgolos. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Nigh Quill says "Thats what I thought you said! You're the Flying…er…Misfortune. Oh, sorry."
Weasel looks back and forth between the group of prisoners and the group she was fighting with trying to decide who to approach first. 
Felgolos says "sighs, "Yes I have been called that on and off for the last several hundred years.""
Weasel not seeing any immediate life threatening injuries on the prisoners, she decides to join her group for the gossip. 
Felgolos says "And who would you lot be?"
"Randole" says "Flying Misfortune? Nigh, do you know this.. dragon!?"
Nigh Quill says "I know of him. All bards do."
Nigh Quill says "….and basically he always tells the truth and is an overall great perso…errr dragon"
Felgolos beams at Nigh "Thanks. You don't seem so bad yourself."
Nigh Quill says "that seemed a bit abrupt, he's also very positive and optimistic and he hates the Zhentarim as much if not more than the next guy"
Ilyena bows respectfully. "I am Ilyena Fenrieth."
Felgolos says "M'lady"
Felgolos awkwardly tries to hug Ilyena, then holds out a hand to shake.
Gorawwwk scoffs, "Who doesn't hate zentaurs? They're so annoying, and they clomp around on hooves and shoot at things that fly… very bad are zentaurs."
"Randole" says "And you can call me Brax!"
"Randole" says "err… I mean, Randole!"
Weasel passes her axe back and forth between her hands and nods at the new comer. "I'm weasel." 
Felgolos says "OK BraxIMeanRandole and Weasel. Nice to meet you."
Mortimer Seaton says "And I'm Mortimer!" a little too emphatically.
"Randole" looks around at the others, hoping no one noticed his slip up. Damn these fake names were hard to keep straight sometimes…
Felgolos snickers "Zhentarim are good as a source for my wagon collection though."
Weasel squints at Brax/Randole but doesn't say anything. 
Felgolos says "I'm up to 372"
Nigh Quill says "that's a lot of wagons "
Felgolos says "Thanks. I admit it's gotten a bit out of hand, but I do so enjoy the looks on their faces when I take them"
Felgolos says "So the giants didn't mention where they were going to take you?"
"Randole" says "Not to us, but maybe one of those poor people over there will know something."
Felgolos says "Just so. Excuse me." and heads over to the group of prisoners.
Weasel starts to walk back to the prisoners and notices that there are definitely two fewer than there were before
Mortimer Seaton whispers "soooo, do we like this guy?"
Weasel says "Hey, where'd the other two go?"
Felgolos quietly begins asking the prisoners questions.
Mortimer Seaton whispers "now that he is gone and everything, I figured I would ask you guys. I dont know about you but hes too charming for his own good."
Ralf says "They escaped. Can we go? Will you untie us?"
Ilyena asks, "What do you mean?"
Nigh Quill says "yeah we didn't get past the "you're going to be our slaves so we can make you dig at our archeological site" their diction wasn't as good…..oh you ran off while i was getting ready to speak"
Gorawwwk whispers, "We should kill him and take his stuff. Wagons of loot sounds nice. Also, dragons are bad. Mmmkay?"
Weasel says "Oh… yeah. I guess that would have been the proper thing to do in the beginning. "
Emma says "thank you"
Weasel weasel helps untie them, then realizes the rest of the group didn't follow and runs back to them. 
Nigh Quill says "yeah we did really good against the giants that ran away from him, we should totally kill him, good plan, what do you think? rocks? maybe some sticks will do the trick?"
Felgolos says "you say they wanted you to dig at an archeological site? Whatever could they be up to?"
Felgolos continues talking to the prisoners, then waves and watches them walk off into the woods.
Nigh Quill uses Cure wounds on Weasel..
Nigh Quill sings a song that sounds like a lullaby but doesn't really make anyone sleepy
GM [DM] heals Weasel for 2 damage.
Felgolos slowly heads back towards the group
Weasel pats nigh on the arm, "thanks buddy." 
Mortimer Seaton shrugs at Ilyena, not really sure of what else to say. It wouldnt take a blind man to see that Mortimer was not the best judge of what people desired beyond himself, but his association with bad guys and the whole turning into a dragon business seemed like someone they should probably not be messing with. Though he agreed with Nigh, it probably isnt best that we kill him.
Felgolos says "The other prisoners said something about an archeological site. Sounds interesting. I think I'll go check it out."
"Randole" says "There could be treasure there…"
Nigh Quill uses Cure Wounds on Weasel.
Felgolos says "Meh, treasure. Knowledge is the real wealth."
Gorawwwk interjects, "And wagons full of treasure?"
Felgolos says "Well, the wagons are neat."
Felgolos says "If you all will be OK, I'll head out. Nice meeting you. And try to stay away from Fire Giants."
Felgolos backs away from the group and begins to grow larger
"Randole" says "Wait! Can we come with you?"
Weasel says "wait, guys… don't we definitely need their help? "
Felgolos says "No, it's way too dangerous for puny ones like you!"
"Randole" turns to the group. "Right guys? This is the kind of ally we've been looking for, right? And there could be treasure!" His eyes really light up at the prospect of treasure
Felgolos says "and you're all WAY too focused on treasure"
Felgolos lifts off and starts flying away. "TAKE CARE…"
Gorawwwk takes off after the dragon and shouts, "Those are our giants!"
Weasel says "screw treasure! "
Mortimer Seaton flexes his biceps and gasps at Felgolos. "Who are you calling puny!?"
Weasel says "what I seek is revenge! "
Felgolos laughs and quickly outdistances Gorawwwk.
Gorawwwk caws, "Draaaagonnnn! Hunt you I will!"
Weasel says "Guys… I think we really could have used his help. And an archeological site could be interesting. "
Gorawwwk flies back to the group and almost lands on Weasel's head. "I want to kill that dragon. Where is the place we can go to kill that dragon?"
Weasel says "the archeological dig. "
Mortimer Seaton says "But he called me puny!"
Nigh Quill says "he's pretty well known for being kind of awkward around people…and to be honest kind of a clutz, we can probably find more sure fire dragons to help us "
Weasel says "But an archeological dig! why is no one else excited about that? "
Gorawwwk asks, "What is… archaeo..ptryxal dig? Place where material birds come from?"
Weasel says "No, no. You dig up old bones and old fortresses and stuff! "
Gorawwwk does his best to frown, but somehow it looks more comical than anything, "In dirt? Who wants to dig in dirt? Dirt is… dirty," he says before starting to preen his feathers a bit.
Weasel says "You are all infuriating. "
Nigh Quill says "well we know there will be giants there, do we want to go find that backup we were looking for and then see about finding the site? it's probably that way, since that's the direction the dragons headed"
Weasel says "does anyone else have any opinions on this? "
Nigh Quill points "that way"
Weasel says "back up dragon? "
Nigh Quill says "and by dragons i meant giants"
Mortimer Seaton says "HE CALLED ME PUNY"
Nigh Quill says "but yes weren't we going to find dragons to back us up? or do everything while we got all the glory"
Nigh Quill says "Hey buddy, he's a 75 foot long dragon, we're all a little puny in comparison, that spider crawling up your leg is pretty puny to you right?"
Weasel rolls her eyes at Mortimer, "What are you trying to compensate for, huh?" 
Gorawwwk looks up from his preening long enough to say, "That dragon is already going there. He'll fight the giants and we can kill the winner. Easy?"
Mortimer Seaton says "I would like to think my near death experience was HEROIC. I am simply insulted by his lack of perspective."
"Randole" says "Gorawk, that was not an evil dragon. He helped us when he had no reason too. We should definitely not be trying to kill him. The rest of those giants though… I believe they have earned some… uh, violence."
Birds sing in the trees
Weasel says "I guess if our other option is going to find another dragon, I could be up for that adventure as well…"
"Randole" says "Well time's a-wastin'. I think we should head after Felgyoly, especially since it's not too far out of our way. Let's get goin'!"
Weasel is now feeling very conflicted 
Gorawwwk twitches the feathers of his crest a bit and says, "Yes, follow that dragon!" and sets off after Randole.
Weasel says "How far off our path is this going to take us? We are in the search for another dragon. The one with all the balls "
Mortimer Seaton giggles.
"Randole" says "Alright, let's move out!"
"Randole" hoists his pack and starts off after the dragon
Weasel shrugs, and resigns herself to the fact that the plans were going to have to wait. 
Mortimer Seaton follows Randole, sure of his intention to prove himself to the bronze dragon. Maybe teach him a lesson to two.
Nigh Quill says "good of a plan as any, to the dragons"
You follow to the west, towards Westwood. Darkness falls just as you enter the dense forest and it gets really hard to see
"Randole" says "We can rest around here for the night, if ye'd like. I'll take first watch."
Weasel plops down on the group, massaging her wounds and falls asleep easily and quickly. 
Mortimer Seaton yawns dramatically and lays down beside Weasel while also trying to keep his snuggles to himself
Gorawwwk finds a cozy, low-hanging tree limb to perch on and covers his head with one wing while his bow dangles from a smaller branch within arm's reach.
"Randole" rolls 3 for a Perception skill check and gets 7.
Several hours pass as you sleep
"Randole" rolls 12 for a Stealth skill check and gets 21.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Nigh Quill rolls 18 for a Investigation skill check and gets 26.
Nigh Quill delays.
Round 2 begins.
Ilyena rolls 6 for a Reflex save and gets 7.
Ilyena rolls 18 for a Will save and gets 21. The effect Mortimer Seaton is delaying is gone.
Wolf misses Nigh Quill with Bite. 
Wolf hits Ilyena with Bite for 5 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
"Randole" issues a piercing whistle, followed by shouting, "Oi! Wolves in the camp!"
Wolf hits "Randole" with Bite for 5 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf hits Weasel with Bite for 8 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
"Randole" misses Wolf with Handaxe. 
"Randole" hits Wolf with Dagger (offhand) for 1 damage (d4 piercing).
Wolf hits Nigh Quill with Bite for 5 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf hits Mortimer Seaton with Bite for 8 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf misses "Randole" with Bite. 
Weasel wakes up screaming and flailing her axe to hit whatever bit her. 
Weasel hits Wolf with Battleaxe for 7 damage (d8+5 slashing).
Gorawwwk startles awake to the sound of his party being eaten by wolves, snatches his bow, and shouts, "Wake up, stupid ground-dwellers!"
Gorawwwk hits Wolf with Longbow for 9 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Round 3 begins.
Gorawwwk wakes to find something gnawing on her foot, screams really loud, and picks up her sword to start swinging.
Ilyena wakes to find something gnawing on her foot, screams really loud, and picks up her sword to start swinging.
Ilyena misses Wolf with Longsword (1H). 
Mortimer Seaton uses Level 2 Spell Slot.
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam (Self, Concentration) on Mortimer Seaton.
Mortimer Seaton comes to with a pack of wolves over his head. Jeez, this is the stuff of nightmares! Instead of wasting his energy to get up, he channels the power of the moon to incinerate the wolfpack. Feeling as though his work has been done, Mortimer gets to his feet, stumbling a little.
Nigh Quill awakes to see a snarly wolf at his face, grabbing his bow hestands as he stabs at the beast
Nigh Quill hits Wolf with Rapier for 6 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Wolf drops.
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam (Level 2, 120') on Wolf.
Wolf hits Mortimer Seaton with Bite for 6 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf hits "Randole" with Bite for 10 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf hits Ilyena with Bite for 5 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
"Randole" hits Wolf with Handaxe for 8 damage (d6+2 slashing).
"Randole" hits Wolf with Dagger (offhand) for 4 damage (d4 piercing).
Wolf drops.
Wolf hits Nigh Quill with Bite for 8 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf misses Mortimer Seaton with Bite. 
Wolf misses "Randole" with Bite. 
Weasel hops to her feet, still swiging her axe. 
Weasel hits Wolf with Battleaxe for 8 damage (d8+5 slashing).
Wolf drops.
Gorawwwk uses Imbue Arrow.
Gorawwwk uses Extra Attack (Imbue).
Gorawwwk focuses on his arrows for a second and lets two fly with lightning speed.
Gorawwwk misses Wolf with Longbow. 
Gorawwwk hits Wolf with Longbow for 10 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Wolf drops.
Round 4 begins.
Ilyena hobbles to her feet, hopping on the nibbled one, and thinks of something to do…
Ilyena uses Level 3.
Ilyena uses Cure Wounds (L3) (touch) on Mortimer Seaton.
Ilyena reaches out and touches someone.
Nigh Quill uses Cantrip Vicious Mockery on Wolf.
Player [Nigh] rolls a d4 for 4.
Nigh Quill says "dirty fleabag"
GM [DM] hurts Wolf for 4 damage.
GM [DM] heals Wolf for 4 damage.
Nigh Quill hits Wolf with Rapier for 6 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Wolf hits Nigh Quill with Bite for 5 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
"Randole" hits Wolf with Handaxe for 7 damage (d6+2 slashing).
"Randole" hits Wolf with Dagger (offhand) for 2 damage (d4 piercing).
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam (Level 2, 120') on Wolf.
Wolf hits Mortimer Seaton with Bite for 8 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Wolf hits "Randole" with Bite for 8 damage (2d4+2 piercing).
Weasel hits Wolf with Battleaxe for 12 damage (d8+5 slashing).
Wolf dies instantly.
Gorawwwk hits Wolf with Longbow for 10 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Wolf drops.
Round 5 begins.
Ilyena uses Level 1.
Ilyena uses Cure Wounds (L1) (touch) on Nigh Quill.
Nigh Quill hits Wolf with Rapier for 8 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Wolf drops.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Weasel brushes leaves and grass off of herself and huffs. "Well that was annoying." 
Nigh Quill kicks the wolf over, "dumb dog"
Gorawwwk hops down out of the tree and says, "Filthy dogs!" before bending over and tearing a piece out of one with his beak.
Weasel uses Hit Die on Weasel.
Weasel uses Hit Die on Weasel.
Gorawwwk uses Hit Dice on Gorawwwk.
Ilyena uses Hit Dice on Ilyena.
Nigh Quill uses Hit Dice on Nigh Quill.
Nigh Quill uses Hit Dice on Nigh Quill.
"Randole" uses Hit Dice on "Randole".
"Randole" uses Hit Dice on "Randole".
Once morning rolls around, the group continues west, eventually following the sound ov excavation and spies a group of Fire Giants supervising a dig site. On a pedastal at the east of the site you can feel powerful magic emanating from an artifact.



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