Behemoth Brawls

Session 15 - Is this a Bakery? We've got a lot of turnover...

Tharra Shyndle farts quietly and looks around to see if anyone heard….
Ornstein says "I heard."
"Randole" glances around at the group, a look of slight bewilderment on his face. "I know kung-fu…"
Tharra Shyndle says "Who's he?"
Tharra Shyndle says "So a bit of training for you all?"
Tharra Shyndle says " You must lash out with every limb, like the octopus who plays the drums."
Mortimer Seaton says "My best friend growing up was part octopus, but he never had any rhythm. Lord knows he would have been no good at playing the drums."
Tharra Shyndle says "When you can balance a tack hammer on your head, you will head off your foes with a balanced attack."
Ornstein says "I've been able to do that since I was an infant."
Mortimer Seaton begins to play the air drums to emphasize the terrible rhythm of his octopus friend.
Tharra Shyndle says "When you care what is outside, what is inside cares for you."
Ornstein says "I don't need this. I have a mission and I can't afford to be wasting my time with this pointless training montage."
Tharra Shyndle says "He who question training only trains himself at asking questions."
Ornstein runs into the forest looking for… well something probably.
Tharra Shyndle calls out "When you doubt your powers, you give power to your doubts."
Tharra Shyndle sighs
Tharra Shyndle says "You must be like Wolf Pack not Six Pack."
"Randole" says "Tharra… what the hell are you goin' on about?"
Tharra Shyndle says "Your temper is very quick, my friend. But until you master your rage…"
Weasel rolls 4for a Perception skill check and gets 5.
Ilyena rolls 4for a Perception skill check and gets 11.
Mortimer Seaton rolls 6 for a Perception skill check and gets 12.
Gorawwwk rolls 11 for a Perception skill check and gets 10.
"Randole" rolls 1 for a Perception skill check and gets 8.
Mortimer Seaton nearly jumps out of his skin as he hears a squeaky grinding noise, reminding him ever too closely to nails on a chalkboard, coming from the trees to the east.
Nigh Quill zzzzzzzz
Mortimer Seaton says "WHO IN POSEIDON'S NAME IS MAKING ALL THAT RACKET!! The noise, it's a sending shivers down my spine"
V2 says "Oh! You can hear me! Right over here."
From the trees comes a muffled "Oh! You can hear me! Right over here."
Weasel Stops practicing her perfect axe twirl and glares at Mortimer "What are you going on about this time?"
Mortimer Seaton says "There was a noise! A kind of squeaky grinding noise, over there, in those trees!"
V2 says "You should investigate."
Weasel says "Well then why don't you go check it out? "
Ilyena looks at Morimer. "You can hear it too?" She'd thought it was divine inspiration from the Lady of Light. 
Mortimer Seaton says "WHAT?! I can't do that."
Mortimer Seaton says "Well… maybe for a date ;)"
Weasel says "Fine. If you're such a baby, I'll go check it out. "
V2 says "Hey. Hey you, adventurer."
Weasel jumps a little, then pokes it with the butt of her axe.
Gorawwwk seems to be ignoring whatever is going on, his thoughts turned inward and upward.
The moss falls away, and underneath you se…a head
V2 says "Hey. Hey you, Adventurer."
Weasel raises an eyebrow, but figures a head on it's own can't do much damage to her, so she pokes it again. 
V2 says "I am in a bit of a bind you see. My inventor deactivated me. Only recently when I was struck by lightning I regained conciousness. But I can't move my body."
V2 says "If you wouldn't mind poking a bit lower with that stick…"
V2 says "My on switch is right between my legs you see."
Weasel bursts out laughing. "You want me to… to… turn you on." she doubles over laughing but doesn't get any closer. 
Weasel says "Hey Morty, I found you a date!"
V2 stares blankly. "Yes, that is my request."
Mortimer Seaton says "A DATE!?"
Weasel says "He needs to be turned on a little first before he'll give out though. "
Mortimer Seaton takes a deep breath, trying not to blush, and skips over to where Weasel is. If only he had a chance to buy her some nice flowers.
Mortimer Seaton Takes a knee, offering a hand to Weasel. "My lady"
Mortimer Seaton says "Whatever can I do for you?"
V2 says "Ahem."
Weasel Smacks him upside the head, and then forcably turns his head to look at the guy stuck in the tree. "There's your date. I'll leave you two to get aquanted." 
Mortimer Seaton Jumps almost a mile. "Excuse me, but who do you think you are interrupting my date!?"
Mortimer Seaton has a single tear roll down his already moistened cheeks
V2 says "I am V2. I am in a bit of a bind you see. My inventor deactivated me. Only recently when I was struck by lightning I regained conciousness. But I can't move my body."
V2 says "Would you be so kind as to turn me on?"
Nigh Quill ignores the rest as inspiration takes him and he begins scribbling into his songbook as he hums and sings a new song "I must've dreamed a thousand dreams, been haunted by a million screams, but i can hear the marching of feet, moving into the street"
Mortimer Seaton says "Why were you deactivated? Did you ruin anyone else's chance at love?"
V2 says "Sadly I am defective. My creator wanted a combat unit. I preferred picking flowers."
Weasel watches from a little ways back, and looks shocked with Mortimer walks away from the machine. "You would just stand your date up like that? What kind of man are you?" 
V2 stands slowly, his nuts and bolts having not moved for some time.
V2 says "Ah thank you meatbags. I haven't been functional in so long [HA HA HA]"
Mortimer Seaton scoffs at Weasel, he was a perfect gentleman. If only she had given him the chance to prove himself.
Weasel says to Mortimer, "And I thought I was giving you a chance to prove yourself. But you couldn't even help this poor creatu…machi… this poor thing in need." 
V2 steps out from within the shade of the tree, brushing moss and dirt off of his still incredibly shiny frame.
V2 taps the gnome atop her head. "I appreciate your help. How would you like me to repay you?"
Mortimer Seaton says "Well, I turned him on, didn't I!?"
Weasel says "What are you good at? "
Nigh Quill finishes the last few lines of his song before closing the book and looking around "hey did they run off and activate an evil sex golem or something?"
V2 says "Killing and maiming are my two strongest qualities. And playing the violin. [HA HA HA]"
Nigh Quill whispers "sounds like someone is about to jump up on a hickory stump and challenge me to a duel"
Weasel says "I mean, if you have no where else to be, I can always use a body guard. Or a steed. How good are you at piggy back rides? "
V2 turns his head completely around to stare at the drow. "Though I am proficient I am no master like yourself bard! [HA HA HA]"
"Randole" says "A duel, eh? Between you and an evil golem? That's certainly something I've got ta see"
Nigh Quill whispers "it happened once before, had to sell the violin though, it was a rough year"
V2 says "It's your choice meatbag."
V2 says "My true passion is to plant flower seeds. "
V2 says "To fill the world with pointless beauty."
V2 takes out a bag of flower seeds from a compartment within his chest and drops a few where he is standing. "I am doing good." V2 smiles, his machine parts not having been created to allow for smiles it comes off as more of a terrifying murder face.
Nigh Quill says "it was interesting, i was traveling south of Waterdeep in a small town called Macon, just a fiddle duel between a couple of bards, guy could really wail though"
Weasel says "you know who really could use some cheering up. Mortimer. "
V2 says "Which meatbag is that."
Weasel says "the one that grabbed your naughty bits to turn you on. "
V2 says "Ah! The little girl."
Mortimer Seaton says "I am not a little girl!"
Mortimer Seaton begins sobbing uncontrollably. He was rejected and his masculinity was destroyed. The world was ending as he knew it.
V2 stomps over to Mortimer. "Thank you, young lady. Without your assistance there's no telling how long I would have remained there."
V2 clasps Mortimer on the shoulder and laughs robotically. [HA HA HA]
V2 says "Have a flower seed."
Weasel says "see, now he's really upset. Maybe try resetting him the way we turned you back on. "
V2 punches Mortimer in the groin. "I hope to be of assistance."
Nigh Quill says "looking smug "and I'm the weird one for thinking evil sex golem""
Mortimer Seaton doubles over, dropping the flower seed. Maybe his tears will help water it, make it grow/
V2 nods at a job well done and returns to Weasel, proud of a job well done.
Mortimer Seaton says "This flower will be a reminder of why I don't belong in these parts. The world is a terrible place. The sun no longer shines. And my flower will only die."
V2 job well done. 
Weasel nods, "That was a job well done." 
Nigh Quill says "Morty are you ok? Do you need a song to help you pick yourself back up again and make it to that next level?"
Gorawwwk hears all sorts of racket, but just keeps staring up at the sky and wondering what everyone's making so much fuss about.
Mortimer Seaton says "I'm fine."
Nigh Quill says "Me either"
V2 stomps over to join the rest of the party. "Hello meatbags. I am your new companion."
Nigh Quill says "Hi…….um evil sex golem, well met?"
Ilyena eyes up the newest addition to their campfire. She was usually very gregarious and welcoming, but there was something about this…creature? that was unsettling to her. She quickly decided to put a little distance between them. 
Xokig licks V2
"Randole" says "A bucket o' bolts, eh? Pretty much the only thing this motley group didn't have yet… welcome aboard, I guess."
V2 gestures to Ilyena, "Be at ease meatbag! I will not harm the kind group who rescued me."
Weasel Follows V2 back over to the campfire. "I wasn't joking about the steed thing. I do love piggy back rides. I also might need help grabbing things off the tall shelves. You do pretty much owe me your life." 
Gorawwwk jumps to his feet and glares at the… whateverthatis… for interrupting his daydreaming. "What is you?!" he shouts.
V2 gives "Randole" a thumb's up.
Mortimer Seaton pulls himself together and trudges back toward the group, still thoroughly annoyed but no longer flooding the area with his excessive water excretion
V2 says "I am V2. I was modeled after a great warrior. However I am defective so my creator deactivated me and left me here. My favorite flowers are daisies and I enjoy stabbing my enemies to death."
Tharra Shyndle murmers to herself "I'm going to regret this" and gives Mortimer a hug saying "You'll be OK"
V2 says "A pleasure to meet you all."
Tharra Shyndle pats Mortimer on the back, then backs away a bit
Mortimer Seaton makes a promise to himself to cherish this warm embrace forever.
Mortimer Seaton whispers "Thank you dear friend. sniffle"
Tharra Shyndle says "If you want to win, you must be Number One. Everyone else must be number two or lower…"
Mortimer Seaton looks up at Tharra, clearly confused.
Tharra Shyndle says "Are we ready to move on? My friend's house is just right of the edge of this map. I mean just North of here…"
V2 says "Let us move forward. To crush those who oppose us. [HA HA HA]"
Nigh Quill says "I'll play us out"
Nigh Quill says "Clears his throat as he begins to play "The hour's approaching, to give it your best And you've got to reach your prime. That’s when you need to put yourself to the test And show us a passage of time""
Nigh Quill sings "We're gonna need a montage, Oooh it takes a montage"
Nigh Quill continues "Show a lot of things happening at once, Remind everyone of what’s going on (what’s going on) And with every shot, show a little improvement To show it all would take to long"
Nigh Quill keeps going "That’s called a montage (montage) Girl we want montage (montage)"
Nigh Quill changes key "In anything if you want to go From just a beginner to a pro, You need a montage (montage) Even rocky had a montage (montage)"
Tharra Shyndle says "Shall we get moving?"
Gorawwwk grumbles, "Fine. Moving. Anything to shut them up!"
V2 says "Lead us forward!"
Tharra Shyndle says "Gather around me!"
Nigh Quill slowly walks as he says "if you fade out it seems like it takes longer"
Tharra Shyndle sighs and taps her foot…
Xokig says "Um, Oh yeah"
Nigh Quill looks back at Mortimer "do you wanna trade spots?"
Nigh Quill says "I'm still beside Weasel Miss full of herself"
Tharra Shyndle yells "RANDOLE! YOU COMING?"
V2 says "Who else would she be full of?"
Nigh Quill hangs his head "nobody evil sex golem nobody"
Tharra Shyndle says "Alright, heeeeeeere wo go…"
Tharra Shyndle says "See, I told you it wasn't far."
Nigh Quill says "nice house, split level? "
Tharra Shyndle says "See, I told you it wasn't far."
Tharra Shyndle heads around to the front door and knocks "QUINN!"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Oh, Tharra, come in. I do get tired of talking to myself, but in REALITY, this isn;t much different…"
Nigh Quill whispers "this place probably isn't like that murder mansion we visited a while back right?"
Tharra Shyndle says "Come on in everyone"
V2 says "I will do just that."
Tharra Shyndle says "Quinn, these are my friends, the… What did you say the name of your group was?"
V2 says "The Daisies."
Xokig says "Me wait outside. Xokig not allowed in houses anymore."
V2 says "You're a smart one Xokig!"
Ilyena smiles at him. "Let us know if there is danger!"
Xokig says "OK!"
Quinn Nardrosz says "The Daisies?"
Tharra Shyndle says "He's new…"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Come on in and have a seat everyone. There's more chairs than it looks like."
Weasel looks around warrily, but says nothing. 
V2 says "I prefer to stand, I've been inactive for too long. [HA HA HA]"
Quinn Nardrosz rolls 12for a Reflex save and gets 16.
Quinn Nardrosz raises an eyebrow.
"Randole" shrugs at the group's new name.
Nigh Quill grabs a seat and sets down stretching his legs out
Tharra Shyndle says "I brought you the thing"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Oh, the thing?"
Tharra Shyndle says "Yeah"
Quinn Nardrosz says "OK, thanks"
V2 says "That's quite suspicious."
V2 says "But what do I know, I'm just a robot."
Weasel says "you can't just not tell us what the thing is. "
Nigh Quill says "it's a thing, everyone has things"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Actually unless you understand 12th dimensional Calculus, I couldn't even begin to try. That's why we call it the thing."
V2 says "I do in fact understand 12th dimensional Calculus."
Tharra Shyndle says "Damn, he called your bluff, Quinn. No one's ever done that. "
Quinn Nardrosz says "\[ \lim_{x \to \infty} \frac{3x^2 +7x^3}{x^2 +5x^4} = 3.\] "
V2 says "Not usually, but thanks for your inquiry."
Quinn Nardrosz says "What about \[ \sum_{k=1}^n k^2 = \frac{1}{2} n (n
1).\] "
V2 says "Only on the third Thursday of every odd numbered month."
V2 says "And once in October. But we think that was glitch."
Quinn Nardrosz says "Ah, then

In non-relativistic wave mechanics, the wave function $\psi(\mathbf{r},t)$ of a particle satisfies the \emph{Schr\"{o}dinger Wave Equation} \[ i\hbar\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial t} = \frac{-\hbar^2}{2m} \left( \frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2} + \frac{\partial^2}{\partial y^2} + \frac{\partial^2}{\partial z^2} \right) \psi + V \psi.\] It is customary to normalize the wave equation by demanding that \[ \int \!\!\! \int \!\!\! \int_{\textbf{R}^3} \left| \psi(\mathbf{r},0) \right|^2\,dx\,dy\,dz = 1.\] A simple calculation using the Schr\"{o}dinger wave equation shows that \[ \frac{d}{dt} \int \!\!\! \int \!\!\! \int_{\textbf{R}^3} \left| \psi(\mathbf{r},t) \right|^2\,dx\,dy\,dz = 0,\] and hence \[ \int \!\!\! \int \!\!\! \int_{\textbf{R}^3} \left| \psi(\mathbf{r},t) \right|^2\,dx\,dy\,dz = 1\] for all times~$t$. If we normalize the wave function in this way then, for any (measurable) subset~$V$ of $\textbf{R}^3$ and time~$t$, \[ \int \!\!\! \int \!\!\! \int_V \left| \psi(\mathbf{r},t) \right|^2\,dx\,dy\,dz\] represents the probability that the particle is to be found within the region~$V$ at time~$t$."

Nigh Quill says "do you have any apples? i feel like i'd like an apple"
V2 says "But you forgot to carry the 1."
V2 says "So in reality your entire theory is unsubstantiated."
V2 says "Start over."
Quinn Nardrosz says "Well it works, and we never questioned it. It IS magic, so…"
Quinn Nardrosz grabs an apple from the fruit basket on the table and hands it to Nigh
Tharra Shyndle says "They were tagging along since I was headed their way. They're on a quest, I believe…"
Nigh Quill takes a bite "well how do you like those apples? delicious!"
V2 says "Ah yes, the magical component does add a bit of fluctuation that my processors always seem to glaze over. [HA HA HA]"
Weasel says "we're on our way to the eye of the all father. Any tips?"
V2 says "I haven't been stimulated like that since that strange blue girl touched me earlier."
Quinn Nardrosz says "If he only has one, I'd be tactful. How's that for a tip."
Mortimer Seaton thinks about getting a hair cut
A giant whooshing noise slowly builds in the east, growing closer
Quinn Nardrosz says "What's that?"
Weasel says "that doesn't sound good. "
"Randole" steps outside and searches the sky.
Quinn Nardrosz runs outside to look.
Nigh Quill says "ambush? Gorawwk's family? who knows these days, thanks for the apple though, really good"
Nigh Quill looks out the window
V2 crashes through the walls of the small cottage to survery the skyline.
From the east comes a Green Dragon, flying high but still making a load of racket. He heads over the house and continues on to the west.
Nigh Quill says "what kind of dragon were we looking for again?"
Quinn Nardrosz says "You're LOOKING FOR a dragon?"
Quinn Nardrosz says "That doesn't sound like a good idea…"
Gorawwwk perks up and runs out the hole in the wall shouting, "Dragon?! Where?!"
V2 rolls 8for a Fortitude save and gets 11.
Nigh Quill says "it's like the third one we've run into this week, we are flush with dragon"
V2 says "It was a large green dragon flying west."
Gorawwwk searches the skyline, but it doesn't take long to spot the shape flying overhead. "It… is it?!" he looks a bit confused for a moment as he flaps his wings to hold himself aloft for a better view.
Xokig points in the sky "There dragon"
V2 says "Yes. You are accurate Xokig."
Xokig says "That was Elacrimalicros. I know him…"
Xokig says "He's mean to Xokig"
Gorawwwk squawks excitedly, "ELACRIMALICROS! I will have vengeance!" and promptly flies off as fast as his feathery wings can carry him, entirely neglecting the people he was traveling with. He didn't like them very much anyway. They stank of dirt and didn't get his jokes.
Quinn Nardrosz says "What the hell?"
V2 shrugs at Gorawwwk's departure.
Suddenly there's a crash in the outhouse, followed by a splash.
Nigh Quill says "dragon went that way, bird person flew after him, assuming he doesn't turn around and acid bath him we can probably catch…..oh there's another ambush"
Quinn Nardrosz runs around to the back of the house "What's going on back here?"
V2 says "That's probably gross."
G.O. Rakius IV stumbles out of the outhouse in a daze with wide eyes and a foulness clinging to his fine silks. "Last bloody time I try to translocate from the inside of a bottomless hole…" He blinks, looks around, and asks, "Now where am I? Varis?! Varis?! Where did you go?!"
Quinn Nardrosz yells "Don't ruin my outhouse" and heads back inside.
V2 says "No I'm sorry, V2. I don't have the extra letters but you got the first one right."
Nigh Quill says "not an ambush, they just have someone living in their outhouse, any more of those apples?"
V2 says "Where are you from strange toilet girl."
G.O. Rakius IV shakes himself violently trying to get all the muck out of his beard, "Your outhouse?! What about my clothes?! Do you know how many quasits it takes to spin silk from straw? TOO BLOODY MANY, that's how many!"
"Randole" says "Who the blazes are you!?"
V2 lifts his arm and braces himself. [EXPLAIN YOUR POSITION OR BE TREATED AS A THREAT]
G.O. Rakius IV blinks away some of the "water" in his eyes and shouts, "Holy humongousness, that's an ogre! VARIS?! KILL ITTTT!" He looks around again, reminding himself that Varis is not there and must be punished later, and darts inside the outhouse again, hiding behind the partially closed door.
V2 rolls 7for a Strength check and gets 11.
V2 rolls 1for a Strength check and gets 5.
V2 approaches the outhouse and rumbles the outhouse a little bit.
V2 barely lifts the outhouse off the ground and shakes it.
G.O. Rakius IV says, "I am G.O. Rakius the Fourth, and I demand to know where I am!" He squeaks like a child when the outhouse starts shaking, runs out and blunders right into the ogre.
V2 drops the outhouse with a loud crash.
Xokig says "Hi"
"Randole" says "Well by the looks of it, ye're in a toilet"
Tharra Shyndle rolls 17for a Will save and gets 19.
Tharra Shyndle whispers conspiratorially with Quinn
Quinn Nardrosz says "psh psh psh blah blah blah"
V2 peers through the window at the two suspicious characters whispering suspiciously.
V2 rolls 10for a Stealth skill check and gets 12.
Quinn Nardrosz rolls 4for a Perception skill check and gets 6.
G.O. Rakius IV scampers back away from the ogre on all fours, walking somewhat like a crab, and cries, "This is not how a master of time and space is to be treated. No sir, I should think not!" He looks back to the crashing sound, spots the creature next to the rubble of the outhouse, and shouts, "Gods! Is there anyone here who isn't a monster?! Have I flung myself so far back in time mankind has yet to crawl out of the muck? Or…" He grows calmer, pacing back and forth, and ponders loudly, "Perhaps… yes, that's it. I must be in the future! A future dominated by magical suits of armor and their ogre slaves. Oh yes. That would make ever so much sense… Gods. I wonder wha happened to…" and trails off lost in his own thoughts as he wanders into the house through a large hole in the wall.
Quinn Nardrosz says "So what's at the Eye of the All Father that's so special?"
V2 crashes stealthily into the house, making a new hole in the process.
Quinn Nardrosz eyes Mortimer. "You look like a playa"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Hey, there's more of you? Is this like that scene with the bear-man in The Hobbit?"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Just all come in at once, it'll be easier"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Helloooo? Is that all of you?"
G.O. Rakius IV bumps into something half his height as he wanders through the oddly not-futuristic hovel and cries, "Oh! Others! And you're not monsters or walking suits of armor! Or extinct at all!" He tips a perfectly gentlemanly bow (dripping with ick as he is) and says, "I am G.O. Rakius IV. Pleasure to make your aquaintance. Now will someone tell me where/when in the Nine Bloody Hells and beyond I am?"
V2 says "I think most of us are sleeping."
"Randole" says "Oi! Watch who ye're callin monster!"
Quinn Nardrosz pokes Weasel "You were sayin' something about the Eye of the All Father?"
Weasel comes out of a daze and nods her head
Weasel says "It's a place. where we're going. "
Weasel says "Cause a dragon told us to"
V2 says "The logic checks out."
Weasel says "we have to go there because…"
Tharra Shyndle whispers to Weasel "You're stopping the giants from taking over"
Weasel says "Right! We're stopping the giants from taking over. I knew that."
G.O. Rakius IV wanders over to the table, shying away from the walking armor and apparently finding nothing unusual about the drow at all. He sits down without being invited to and says, "You want to climb into a god's eye socket? Whatever for? Not that I'm against a little tomfoolery with elder powers… but I could really use a bath."
V2 says "We're going for answers. "
V2 says "You might find some as well."
V2 says "They probably have baths there."
Weasel says "all the dragon said was that we'd figure out how to defeat the giants if we went to the temple of the eye of the all father. "
Quinn Nardrosz says "I have a horse trough put on the back 40 if you're interested."
Quinn Nardrosz says "Ah, the giants. Yeah, I noticed they've been up to no good lately."
Nigh Quill says "yeah that's what i meant, dragon, answers from dragons, dragon answers    "
Weasel says "Also if we find a frost giant who wears the skull of a dragon as a helmet. "
Quinn Nardrosz shoots a questioning look at Tharra, who nods almost imperceptibly.
V2 says "What are to do with this frost giant?"
G.O. Rakius IV ponders, "Giants? I don't… hrm… I don't remember anything with giants happening. And I'd know about… aha! The giants are in the future from now… or the present, or maybe it's that they're here in the present but in the future will be very bad news… yes. That sounds right…" He pauses a moment in his rambling and looks around at the motley group and decides they must not be ready to hear his thoughts and he really should keep them to himself more often.
Weasel says "ask him for help. duh"
V2 says "Yes, he will help or he will be destroyed. Good plan meatbag."
Quinn Nardrosz says "Well, your quest sounds important, so let me give you a few things to help." He pulls several small berries from the fruit basket. "These are invisiberries."
Quinn Nardrosz says "Can you guess what they do?"
V2 takes Magical Berries.
V2 says "[INCONCLUSIVE DATA] I don't believe they do anything."
Nigh Quill says "use them to threaten to kill yourself with poison berries if the president doesn't let you and your fake lover live?"
Quinn Nardrosz says "Huh? I'm afraid I don't get the reference."
Weasel says "make your poop invisible?"
Quinn Nardrosz sighs. "They make you invisble"
Weasel mumbles, "I was close."
V2 takes Keoghtom's Ointment.
V2 takes Potion of Greater Healing (4d4+4).
V2 says "I need no ointment!"
Quinn Nardrosz says "these will help you also."
Weasel takes Magical Berries.
V2 says "But perhaps the silent cleric looking one could find a use for it."
Quinn Nardrosz says "It's a healing ointment, a healing potion and something else, I forget…"
V2 drops Keoghtom's Ointment.
Quinn Nardrosz pokes Nigh, "You're standing on it…"
G.O. Rakius IV looks at the berries laid out before him and says, "Oh, Invisiberries™, I used to know the lass who invented these, I think. I'm not really sure because she was just a voice in the room. So, either they work or I just imagined her…"
G.O. Rakius IV takes Magical Berries.
Ilyena looks up at the mechanical creature and the potion. With a swift movement she takes the potion and glides across the room. 
V2 says "Let's wait to try them until we have no choice and if they fail then you meatbags all suffer horrible agonizing deaths."
Quinn Nardrosz says "Ah, yes the Amulet of Proof Against Detection. We call it A.P.A.D."
Nigh Quill takes Amulet of Proof Against Detection.
Nigh Quill says "what's this little thing underfoot?"
Ilyena takes Keoghtom's Ointment.
Quinn Nardrosz says "Everyone get your share, then it's time for you to move on. Quinn and I have…personal business."



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