Behemoth Brawls

Session 23 - The gong show

Last session Harshnag drew a map to all of the burial mounds you need to visit. When you left the Temple of the All Father, you discovered that a dragon had donated a new ride to the cause; an airship. After a bit if trial and error, you figured out how to at least get it moving and pointed it towards the first burial mound. After a night-fight with a dozen or so giant bats, you arrived at the Great Worm Cavern.
Weasel finishes climbing the stairs and pants. "Alright… Now what? What are we looking for exactly?'
Mortimer Seaton begins having a minor panic attack at the idea of these giant worms. They remind him too much of the sea serpents he was accustomed to at home. They were the thing of nightmares.
Harshnag says "Looks cozy"
Mortimer Seaton thinks about reaching for Weasel's hand before he remembers that she doesnt want to deal with his feelings. Instead, he frowns silently to himself, thinking of all of his lost love opportunities and sufficiently distracting himself from the harsh reality that is the giant worm
Player [Zach] rolls a d12+3 for 4.
Weasel shakes her head at the giant. "You would think so." and wraps the batwing cape tighter around herself. 
G.O. Rakius IV shrugs and says, "Looks cold. Should've made more of those capes…"
V2 says "I do not feel cold. Or warmth. Or emotions."
Mortimer Seaton wishes he were more like V2
Weasel says "So… should we just wander in? That seemed to work for us last time. "
G.O. Rakius IV scoffs and says, "Nonsense. You feel the best emotion, my iron-infused friend: PUNCHINESS! Onward! To the great emotion of punching!"
Mortimer Seaton pulls himself together and makes his way toward the giant pilars that are looming before them. "I say we just go for it. Nothing much to see except maybe some other frozen bodies of those who traveled before us…"
The spirit mound of the Great Worm Tribe of Uthgardt barbarians is inside a spacious cavern at the northeast end of the valley of Khedrun. Thick ice hangs above the pillared entrance, and the interior walls of the place are covered with an icy glace and lined with massive icicles that gleam and glitter in reflected light. The cavern floor is a sheet of smooth ice with areas of darker coloration. On either side are 70-foot high ledges of rock, atop which stand two totem poles of chiseled ice with carvings representing winged snakes. The walls of the cavern are riddled with caves which appear to be tribal living areas, and several tribespeople can be seen near their entrances. An altar of frost-covered stone in the shape of a coiled serpent with great wings rises 120 feet abovet the cavern floor.
V2 says "What is the significance of the winged serpent?"
V2 says "Do you know the answer Harshnag?"
Weasel strolls into the cave with her hands up. "We come in peace!" 
Harshnag says "That is a representation of Elrem, the great worm, the deity of this tribe"
G.O. Rakius IV looks back over his shoulder and says, "I admire your gusto for adventure, and your appreciation of the grimness of life, Morty. Try not to get squished. The future needs you, Morty." He whispers something to his other shoulder that sounds like, "I know, Varis, it's not about him, it's his kids…"
Tribal Warrior knocks an arrow and points it towards the group
Weasel yells "PEACE! I SAID PEACE! "
Mortimer Seaton says "My kids!? Does this mean I will find true love!"
V2 says "If my programming allowed it I would suggest the simplest course of action would be to kill the tribespeople and take what we needed. But I could never offer such a course of action [HA HA HA]"
Mortimer Seaton feels suddenly optimistic and begins skipping into the cavern behind G.O.
Tribal Warrior says "We shall see how peaceful you are. What do you want here?"
V2 says "Not to slaughter all of you and your children that's for sure!"
Weasel gets a little closer but keeps her hands up. "We've come seeking a relic. We're trying to save the world."
V2 says "Meatbags are important for some reason that has never been fully explained to me."
Tribal Warrior says "You want our Relic? I can make this easy for you. NO."
Mortimer Seaton says "Even if we are going to use it to save the world?"
Tribal Warrior says "Likely story"
Mortimer Seaton says "Being trustworthy is a much more attractive trait than your suspicion. That is just not flatteirng."
Weasel says, "You don't understand!" she falls to her knees in desperation. "The giants have started taking over. They're out of control. They killed my parents, and ransacked my village, and they're planning devious things for this world. We're just trying to put an end to it so that this world doesn't fal into any more chaos than it's already in!"
G.O. Rakius IV looks from one ridge to the other and back again and says, "Well, we're probably more peaceful than we were yesterday, but tomorrow… who knows…" he then adds, "Well, besides Varis."
Weasel rolls 8for a Persuasion skill check and gets 9.
Tribal Warrior rolls 9for a Insight skill check and gets 9.
Tribal Warrior says "I almost believe her"
Weasel says "You have to believe me! They kidnapped a friend! They burnt down a monistary! What do I have to do? "
V2 says "She's probably telling the truth."
V2 says "I don't know her very well but in my experience gnomes are the best."
V2 says "As far as meatbags go."
Mortimer Seaton says "In fact, our group met over the initial fight that saved an innocent village from the terror of the distraught giants. You wouldnt want them to come and attack you, now would you? That would be awfully unfortunate. Besides, I may have a liking for this warrior and will go to the grave believing her."
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Oh, they'll believe her. Don't worry. I know these things."
Tribal Warrior says "You know the giants have been crazy lately. What she;s saying makes sense"
Mortimer Seaton winks in Weasel's general direction hoping that she may find a liking in him as well.
Third Tribal Warrior says "So what, we just give them the Relic?"
Other Tribal Warrior says "Yes!"
Weasel says "The oracle wont tell us how to get them back in line until we prove ourselves, and to do that we have to bring him Relics."
Uthgardt Shaman says "yells down from up near the altar "Come to the back of the cave…"
V2 is disappointed that the tribespeople didn't resist more.
Weasel walks warrily to the back of the cave
Uthgardt Shaman says "Wait!"
Weasel takes a step back
Uthgardt Shaman says "You fight the giants, yet you bring one with you?"
Weasel says "We don't fight all the giants. Only the giants fighting us. "
Uthgardt Shaman says "So you are just protecting yourselves?"
V2 begins twitching and unsheathing his weapon.
Weasel says "This giant saved us from a raid of hill giants, guided us through a snow storm and to the oracle. He too is tired of the giants tyraid and wants to stop them from causing more damage. "
Ilyena catches up to Weasel and chimes in. "Not all of the Giants are harming others. Our friend Harshnag has been very helpful in our quest."
Uthgardt Shaman says "Hmmm"
Weasel says "We were already on our quest to stop the giants from taking over when we found him on the same journey. We figured it was probably just easier to band together. Why fight seperately and lose when we can fight together and win?"
V2 drops a flower seed from his pouch onto the ground. He suddenly calms and joins the others.
Uthgardt Shaman says "What you are saying rings true. We have actually heard of a giant in these mountains trying to contain the worst of the atrocities"
Harshnag speaks up "Yup. That'd be me"
Harshnag says "Harshnag, at your service"
Weasel says "He has also been negatively affected by the rise of the giants and would just like everything to go back to normal. I know you have no reason to fight the giants yet, and our hope is that you never will. We are doing our best to defeat them quickly and quietly. But if you do ever wish to join our cause, you are more than welcome. "
V2 says "We hope to end the spread of death and disaster in order to better the realm for all who dwell in it. Meatbags and actual, useful creatures alike."
Uthgardt Shaman says "Alright then. You may take the relic, but we have all that we can handle staying alive in these harsh territories. We can spare no one"
Weasel says "Understandably. We wish you the best of luck, and, though I make no promises, I hope one day we can return the relic to you. "
Harshnag rolls 14for a Athletics skill check and gets 20.
Weasel Walks up to the Relic. 
G.O. Rakius IV whispers to no one in particular, "It's a trap. It's gotta be a trap. I mean… there's a very trappy feel about this."
V2 says "Is this a trap?"
At the back of the cave hangs a crescent shaped gong in a crude stone frame suspended with a pair of ropes. The gong is actually the remains of a shield of a frost giant, 13 feet in diameter and made of red dragon scales bolted to a copper frame.
Uthgardt Shaman hands a wood and leather mallet to Weasel
V2 strides up to stand by Weasel's side. He tries to reassure her with his imposing presence.
Uthgardt Shaman says "but DO NOT STRIKE THE GONG"
Weasel looks between the mallet and the gong for a couple of seconds, trying to figure out if anything bad will happen if she hits the gong… and whether or not she's too curious to care..
Weasel sighs. "Damn. That was a close one." 
V2 says "What will happen if the gong is struck?"
Uthgardt Shaman says "It's sound is enourmous and the cavern is ancient and studded with icicles…"
Uthgardt Shaman points toward the thousands of sharp icicles lining the roof of the cavern
Weasel says "So… if we hit the gong later when we're outside of the cave, we'll be fine?"
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Then why give it to her at all? Have you never heard of Chekov's Gong?"
Uthgardt Shaman thinks….." At that point, do whatever you want…"
Uthgardt Shaman says "WHat is checkovsgong?"
Weasel says, "Sweet. I think I'll keep this." and holds onto the mallet tightly. "But I don't think I can lift the gong. Any volunteers?"
V2 says "I will carry the gong."
V2 marches to the gong and lifts it easily. His robotic muscles flexing as the frost that had been accruing is dispelled in a marvelous display of cascading everfescent light.
V2 takes Shield Gong.
G.O. Rakius IV explains, slowly, so the barbarian in the stinking rags and skins can understand, "If you introduce it in the first act, someone has to use it by the third… You see, books are kind of useful things. I really suggest you check out the library at Candlekeep. They'd love to have you, and it's not nearly as dismal and frigid down there. Most of the time. The priests can be a bit stodgy, though… Just don't mention I sent you. That might end badly."
Uthgardt Shaman says "Do you mock me? Just because we are poor, does not mean we are stupid…"
V2 says "Objective achieved. Let us depart to the next artifact."
V2 says "Move meatbag. I would hate to see you crushed beneath the weight of this gong."
V2 seems to prefer that the shaman remain in his path so that he might be crushed.
V2 slowly begins moving towards the entrance with steady, methodical steps.
Uthgardt Shaman says "Hopefully the world will not need to be saved by politeness"
Uthgardt Shaman says "Or we are all doomed"
V2 says "I apologize. My politeness routines were most likely corrupted when I was struck by lightning."
V2 rolls 2for a Dexterity check and gets 4.
V2 rolls 15for a Dexterity check and gets 17.
Harshnag says "Are we sure we don't want to try ringing it?"
Harshnag says "I mean when are you gonna get another chance like this?"
G.O. Rakius IV balks and says, "No no, not at all. You've obviously done quite well for yourselves. But a bit of traveling, a bit of reading, and maybe some marauding of foreign lands never hurt anyone. Plus, the monks have lots of gold. You could be rich!" He sees the awesome monstrosity sauntering off with the gong and adds, "Well, whatever you do, have fun, thanks for the help and for not attacking our outrageously powerful band of misfits!"
Weasel rolls 7for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 8.
V2 stops on his way to the entrance of the cave. "That would likely be disasterous for most living creatures currently residing here.
Weasel tries to walk carefully across the icy floor, but fails and falls flight on her ass, sliding across the floor.
G.O. Rakius IV whispers, "Hey Morty, I think that one on the ledge is looking at you. Think maybe she's the one? That hammer of hers is awful cute…"
Mortimer Seaton blushes uncontrollably and considers yelling his love up to her.
V2 rolls 4for a Athletics skill check and gets 11.
Tribal Woman says "What?"
Weasel slides across the floor, between harshnag's legs, and straight into V2, bumping her head on his shiny metal leg.
G.O. Rakius IV claps Mortimer on the back and says, "Way to go, pal, keep throwing yourself at every woman out there, one of them's bound to catch ya!" and keeps moving toward the exit, because he's pretty sure this is gonna get weird.
Tribal Woman says "How many goats you got?"
V2 drops the gong immediately to check on Weasel's safety. he quickly lifts her to her feet and gingerly wipes snow from her cloak. "Were you injured by your fall?"
As the gong drops, it rings loudly shaling the cavern. Several icicles fall, crashing into the floor below.
Weasel yells "V2! "
Tribal Woman says "No goats? What kind of man are you? Sheesh!"
V2 lifts the gong back up off the ground and carries it above his head with one hand while carrying Weasel with his other hand.
The icicle closest to the cavern entrance strikes a particularly dark section of ice, and racks through, revealing an opening underneath
V2 says "I will carry you to safety."
G.O. Rakius IV jumps back and shouts, "ZOINKS!"
Weasel Huffs as V2 picks her up. "Do we maybe wanna check out that opening first?"
Weasel says "Curiosity first. Safety later. "
Out of the crevasse climbs 3 young remorhazss'sss's *
V2 says "Command understood. I shall drop into the opening."
Weasel says "No! No don't drop me in!"
Weasel says "I just want to look!"
G.O. Rakius IV screams, "BURNING CENTIPEDES!" and starts casting a defensive spell.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 1).
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
V2 rolls 1for a Dexterity check and gets 3.
V2 rolls 10for a Dexterity check and gets 12.
Weasel says "Please don't. Please just put me down. "
V2 rears up to throw Weasel.
V2 says "Enemies spotted. Unable to disengage."
Player [Clint] rolls a d20 for 11.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Luck.
Tribal Woman says "yes!"
Ilyena rolls 2for a Dexterity check and gets 3.
Ilyena rolls 18for a Dexterity check and gets 19.
Ilyena rushes forward from the back of the cavern, and slides on the ice, landing hard. Well, at least she was closer. 
Young Remorhaz misses G.O. Rakius IV with Bite. 
V2 rolls 11for a Athletics skill check and gets 18.
Weasel Struggles to get out of V2's grips
Weasel rolls 13for a Athletics skill check and gets 15.
Weasel rolls 17for a Athletics skill check and gets 19.
V2 rolls 13for a Athletics skill check and gets 20.
V2 releases Weasel from his grip as he prepares to attack the monsters emerging from the floor.
Weasel scurries away from V2, but move carefully across the ice. 
Mortimer Seaton uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam (Self, Concentration) on Mortimer Seaton.
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "Hah! Bloody burny skin monster! Can't catch G.O.! No no no!" 
Mortimer Seaton says "THIS IS FOR YOU BEAUTIFUL"
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 3).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Haste (3) on G.O. Rakius IV.
G.O. Rakius IV rolls 16for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 19.
V2 lifts his left arm up and his hand retracts into his wrist. the sound of shifting gears can be heard as he suddenly fire two projectiles from his arm cannon.
V2 rests.
Selected Creature(s) have rested.
V2 rests.
Selected Creature(s) have rested.
V2 uses [Overdrive] on V2.
V2 misses Young Remorhaz with Arm Cannon [Overdrive]. 
V2 misses Young Remorhaz with Arm Cannon [Overdrive]. 
Ango rolls 8for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 14.
Ango hits Young Remorhaz with Crossbow for 11 damage (d10+9 piercing).
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Young Remorhaz.
Young Remorhaz hits Third Tribal Warrior with Bite for 23 damage (3d10+4 piercing) plus 7 damage (2d6 fire).
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Young Remorhaz.
V2 says "Protection initiative activating."
Harshnag says "I have no ranged weapons, and I don't particularly want to get close to one of those things…. You guys got this?"
Round 2 begins.
Ilyena uses Level 3 on Ilyena.
Young Remorhaz 1 rolls 16for a Wisdom check and gets 16.
Ilyena uses Spirit Guardians Damage on Young Remorhaz 1.
Weasel uses Acid Splash (60') on Young Remorhaz 3.
Weasel hits Young Remorhaz 3 with Longbow for 4 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Mortimer Seaton not so gracefully manuvers his way up the cliffs edge to protect his future bride to be, hoping his heroism will sweep her off her feet and she will forget all about his lack of goats (which is silly to expect a water being to have goats but he will learn to love her despite her imperfections).
G.O. Rakius IV rolls 8for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 11.
G.O. Rakius IV rolls 2for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 5.
G.O. Rakius IV hits Young Remorhaz 1 with Booming Blade © (Rapier) for 6 damage (d8+3 piercing) plus 7 damage (d8 Thunder).
Young Remorhaz 1 uses Heated Body on G.O. Rakius IV.
G.O. Rakius IV hits Young Remorhaz 1 with Rapier for 10 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Young Remorhaz 1 uses Heated Body on G.O. Rakius IV.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 2).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Misty Step (2).
V2 hits Young Remorhaz 3 with Arm Cannon [Overdrive] for 8 damage (d6+6 piercing).
V2 misses Young Remorhaz 3 with Arm Cannon [Overdrive]. 
Ango hits Young Remorhaz 1 with Crossbow for 10 damage (d10+3 piercing) plus 10 damage (4d6 sneak attack).
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Young Remorhaz 3.
Young Remorhaz 3 misses Mortimer Seaton with Bite. 
Harshnag says "What should I do?"
Round 3 begins.
Ilyena cancels its move.
Ilyena misses Young Remorhaz 1 with Longbow. 
Ilyena uses Spirit Guardians Damage on Young Remorhaz 1.
Young Remorhaz 1 hits Other Tribal Warrior with Bite for 21 damage (3d10+4 piercing) plus 7 damage (2d6 fire).
Weasel uses Acid Splash (60') on Young Remorhaz 2.
Weasel misses Young Remorhaz 2 with Longbow. 
Mortimer Seaton rolls 2for a Reflex save and gets 4.
Young Remorhaz 1 scales the ice-cliff and takes a bite of the warrior standing there
G.O. Rakius IV mutters, "I swear, must I do everything horrendous myself?!" he considers this as he preps his next spell and whispers, "Don't answer that, Varis!"
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 3).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Lightning Bolt (3, 100×5) on Young Remorhaz 1.
G.O. Rakius IV rolls 6for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 9.
V2 hits Young Remorhaz 2 with Arm Cannon [Overdrive] for 9 damage (d6+6 piercing).
V2 hits Young Remorhaz 1 with Arm Cannon [Overdrive] for 12 damage (d6+6 piercing).
Young Remorhaz 1 drops.
G.O. Rakius IV sends a bolt of lightning crackling from his fingertips to the remorhaz on the cliff and beats feet a little too fast for his own good, slipping and falling on his wrinkled posterior in an ignoble way.
Ango misses Young Remorhaz 2 with Crossbow. 
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Young Remorhaz 2.
Young Remorhaz 2 hits Tribal Warrior with Bite for 17 damage (3d10+4 piercing) plus 7 damage (2d6 fire).
Tribal Warrior dies instantly.
Mortimer Seaton uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Young Remorhaz 3.
Young Remorhaz 3 hits Mortimer Seaton with Bite for 23 damage (3d10+4 piercing) plus 7 damage (2d6 fire).
Mortimer Seaton cries out in anguish and crashes to the floor in a bit of dispair.
Round 4 begins.
Mortimer Seaton it is unclear whether he is simply injured or dying of a broken heart.
Harshnag says "wanders around aimlessly"
Weasel Actually feels a twinge of sadness for Morty
Ilyena hits Young Remorhaz 3 with Longbow for 7 damage (d8+1 piercing).
Weasel hits Young Remorhaz 2 with Longbow for 11 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel misses Young Remorhaz 2 with Longbow. 
Mortimer Seaton hits Young Remorhaz 3 with Trident for 4 damage (d8 piercing).
Young Remorhaz 3 uses Heated Body on Mortimer Seaton.
Mortimer Seaton drops.
G.O. Rakius IV struggles to his feet and takes aim again.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 3).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Lightning Bolt (3, 100×5) on Young Remorhaz 3, Young Remorhaz 2.
V2 hits Young Remorhaz 2 with Arm Cannon [Overdrive] for 8 damage (d6+6 piercing).
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "HARSHNAG! DO SOMETHING HELPFUL!" as lightning bursts from his hands again in an awesome display of wizardly awesome.
V2 hits Young Remorhaz 2 with Arm Cannon [Overdrive] for 12 damage (d6+6 piercing).
Ango hits Young Remorhaz 2 with Crossbow for 6 damage (d10+3 piercing) plus 15 damage (4d6 sneak attack).
Young Remorhaz 2 drops.
Ango nods to himself.
Young Remorhaz 2 rolls 2for a Reflex save and gets 3.
Harshnag says "I could throw Ango?"
Young Remorhaz 3 hits tribesperson with Bite for 30 damage (3d10+4 piercing) plus 9 damage (2d6 fire).
Harshnag says "looks at the dwarf. "Would that be helpful?""
Harshnag says "No? Ok…"
Round 5 begins.
Ango shakes his head and doesn't look particularly pleased at the idea.
V2 says "Someone should probably help Mortimer. His fluids appear to be leaking at a critical rate."
Ilyena cancels its move.
Ilyena uses Level 3 on Ilyena.
Ilyena uses Cure Wounds (L3) (touch) on Mortimer Seaton.
Weasel hits Young Remorhaz 3 with Longbow for 9 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel hits Young Remorhaz 3 with Longbow for 9 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Young Remorhaz 3 drops.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Harshnag says "I feel so useless…"
Weasel says "Then hit something! "
Harshnag says "but, but I only have an axe, and they'd burn me. Besides, you all did so well. I'm really proud of you!"
Harshnag says "I hate for people to die embarassed"
Uthgardt Shaman says "What the hell was that? Did you bring those here?"
Weasel says "Speaking of dying, did anyone bring back Morty and his girlfriend?"
G.O. Rakius IV shudders and lets his haste spell drop just before he slumps to the floor panting. "So," he says between breaths, "that was awful and I really hope the gong doesn't do that every time you ring it…"
Weasel says "Hey, they came out of your floor!"
Mortimer Seaton sadly mumbles, "I'm alive… and alone"
V2 saunters over to the hole in the floor and peers in.
Uthgardt Shaman says "OH! Is THAT what those dark spots in the floor are?"
V2 rolls 19for a Perception skill check and gets 22.
Weasel peers over the edge of the hole next to V2
V2 takes Elixir of Health.
V2 bumps Weasel into the hole.
Weasel rolls her eyes, "Thanks v2"
V2 says "As a gnome I assume you'd be interested in collecting the gemstones."
G.O. Rakius IV looks up at the shaman and says, "You didn't know your basement was full of monsters? Those were just babies, I think. Shouldn't there be a mama-horrible-monster-thing somewhere around here?"
Uthgardt Shaman says "I DID say not to ring the gong"
Weasel takes Gemstone.
V2 watches Weasel collecting gemstones and keeps a careful eye out for any more monsters that could be lurking.
Weasel says "I would like to be pulled back up now, please"
Harshnag peers down at another dark spot in the ice, looking for more beasts
V2 climbs in to the hole and secures the gnome on his back before climbing back out of the hole.
Uthgardt Shaman says "If you hadn't been so clumsy, several more of my people would now be alive, even if one would have run off to be a blue man groupie…"
Weasel nods at V2 in thanks, then turns to the Shaman. "I leave these in thanks, for letting us have your relic. I'm sorry my friends are clumsy." She lays out 8 of the blue gemstones that she picked up.
V2 says "Perhaps your tribe should relocate. I believe there was mention of a library."
Mortimer Seaton watches as a single tear stains the floor as he remembers the love that could have been
Uthgardt Shaman says "our altar is here, we must stay."
G.O. Rakius IV offers, "Yes, but clumsy is just what the gnome does. Besides, Morty is in pain over his girlfriend's death and I really think you should consider the fact that the entire fate of time and the future of your valley may rest on the chance that he has kids… sooo… any other pretty ladies around here interested in my soggy pal?"
Uthgardt Shaman says "Please, just take the Relic and go…"
Weasel says " We've got other relics to find. We should be on our way."
V2 sizes up the altar but decides it might be too heavy for him to move.
G.O. Rakius IV shrugs and turns to go, offering Mortimer a quick, "Sorry, bub. We tried. Maybe next time." A few seconds later he shouts, "OH FOR THE LOVE OF… I KNOW, VARIS! I KNOW! Something's gotta be done about his kids!"
Harshnag says "Where to next?"
G.O. Rakius IV whispers, "What do you mean they'll taste good with tartar sauce?"
Mortimer Seaton nods in agreement. He is very soggy, but also hopefully going to produce much greater offspring.
Harshnag says "Mortimer, let us depart!"
V2 says "Drops three flower seeds before departing. "Mountains are not an ideal envirnoment but I shall like to see how they grow in Remorhazz blood."
Ango just kind of goes with it, and shows up at the entrance when no one else is watching him.



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