Behemoth Brawls

Session 3 - Quest-ions?

Gorawwwk peers at the man in the funny cat armor and whispers, "How do you know about Elaacrimalicros?"
Ornstein rolls his eyes inside his helmet. "You've been screaming about it all night."
Gorawwk keeps staring at the strange human for a moment longer before nodding. "First we kill giants. Then Elaacrimalicros. Maybe dragon expert knows where he is. I do not. Elusive is the green dragon," he says before breaking his gaze and looking expectantly around the rest of the group.
Ornstein nods in agreement. If they succeed he won't be around to fight the dragon, but no one needs to know that.

Last week, the group finished off the attacking bugbears and questioned the pair of hill giants who were leading the attack, apparently to get food for their leader, Guh, back in Grudd Haug. Several people in town then made suggestion how you could make yourself useful.
Gorawwwk says, "Gorawwwwwk!"
Miros Xelbrin says "Hey quiet down over there. I'm out of worms, accept it."
Naxene Drathkala says "All of you who helped with the attack, could you get up on stage for me? We'd like to present you with a key to the city."
Mortimer Seaton says "Don't mind if I do!"
Naxene Drathkala nods to Mortimer.
Gorawwwk looks around quizically and chirps, "Stage? What is… stage?"
Mortimer Seaton says "I am truly honored to have been in your presence tonight…"
NAME REDACTED slides into his chair, pulling his cloak over his face. He didn't want any recognition, the bastards got what they deserved, he just wanted to lay low.
Weasel tries to jump up on the stage, but her body aches all over from being beaten on by a giant, so she takes the stairs up instead.
Naxene Drathkala ushers Gorawwwk up onto a low stage at the front of the room "Right up here if you please."
Mortimer Seaton sheepishly looks at the ground as he plans to plant a kiss on her, but instead is overcome by the chance for fame and runs up to the stage instead
Ilyena walks in the door of the tavern just in time for everyone to be called up on the stage. She follows, curiously.
Naxene Drathkala looks around the room "Where's that dwarf?"
Naxene Drathkala points to NAME REDACTED "Ah, there! Please kind sir, we wish to honor you!"
Naxene Drathkala says "Maybe if we all gave him a hand" and leads the tavern crowd in a round of applause
Mortimer Seaton starts to bow, unaware that the clapping was not for him.
Weasel looks up at the tall blue man standing next to her, bowing for an applause not meant for him, and gives him a dirty look. 
Mortimer Seaton winks at Weasel
Shalvus Martholio pushes NAME REDACTED toward the stage
NAME REDACTED swats at Shalvus.
Naxene Drathkala looks NAME REDACTED in the eye and shakes a small pouch of coins, waggling her eyebrows.
Gorawwwk tentatively follows the others toward what he can only assume is called a 'stage' and takes a moment to preen his feathers with his beak so he looks a little more impressive. He doesn't seem very interested in this odd little ceremony, but knows a thing or two about looking impressive on cue.
NAME REDACTED gives in, since everyone already seemed to be aware of his involvement in the fight. He carefully walks up to join the others
Naxene Drathkala says "As the official envoy of the Watchful Order, I would like to thank this worth group of adventurer's for their service to our community "
Naxene Drathkala says "And I would like to present you with a key to they city, good for one half priced drink in the tavern…"
Miros Xelbrin says "Hey!"
Naxene Drathkala says "And 10 gold pieces each!"
Ilyena smiles politely and takes her gold. She wasn't quite comfortable with the attention, but she'd been raised with manners. 
Gorawwwk immediately pries open his little pouch of gold, looks at all the shiny things inside, and jealously clutches it to his chest. It would make a fine decoration for his nest.
Weasel respecfully takes the pouch of gold, and bounces it in her hand, before shoving it into her pocket. 
Naxene Drathkala says "How long have you been adventuring together?"
Weasel laughs loudly and looks around at the group. "Us? Adventuring together? Wouldn't that be a funny sight." 
Naxene Drathkala says "Oh, you should. You seemed to work well together."
Naxene Drathkala winks.
Gorawwwk tilts his head slightly and says, "Adventurawwwk? I hunt. Never see these ground-dwellers in life."
Naxene Drathkala says "It seems to be ordained by the gods, I'd even say…"
Weasel twirls her axe in her hand and raises an eyebrow. "I'm not sure this group could handle traveling with me. I get into some pretty nasty fights."
Mortimer Seaton fondles his pouch of gold and swiftly shoves it in his pocket. He has made too much of a commotion, and it seems as though he has overstayed his welcome in this little town. It is imperative that he should be moving on to find his father. Unless… What is this about adventuring?
Naxene Drathkala whispers to Mortimer "Never play poker. I just read that whole soliloquy on your face"
Mortimer Seaton says "I dont like to gamble very much…. but if I did, I would bet on you."
Naxene Drathkala sighs.
Naxene Drathkala pulls out a chair "You may all have this table at the front. The seat of honor"
Miros Xelbrin says "and free drinks for the night!"
Miros Xelbrin whispers "skinflint, Naxene"
Ilyena coughs. "I don't know about adventuring, but I intend to rid the area of this giant scourge, with the assistance of a respected giant hunter. Any who wish to help me may do so."
Miros Xelbrin says "but only as long as you are sitting at the table of honor…"
Mortimer Seaton says "A seat of honor? Just for me? Shucks, im flattered. You're going to make me blush (and that's not a pretty sight)"
Miros Xelbrin says "falling out of the chair doesn't count. HAHahaha!"
Miros Xelbrin sets several mugs of Goldengulp down on the aforementioned table.
Weasel raises her axe in Ilyena's direction. "Now I like the way this one thinks. I'd be more than willing to assist in taking down more giants." 
Gorawwwk still doesn't quite understand all this nonsense, and only goes along with it because he's in too close quarters to risk fighting all of these people… He struts back over to the table and does his best to perch on the back of a chair after finding the contraption was really not made for someone with wings as magnificent as his.
Weasel Leans towards Ilyena to talk to her, "As much as I love fighting giants on my own, maybe it would be smart to find a dragon to help."
Naxene Drathkala says "I keep hearing rumors about problems with giants all up and down the north"
Ilyena nods at the gnome, taking a seat next to her. "Likely a wise idea, but I must collect the Hunter first."
Weasel says "Hunter? What Hunter? "
Naxene Drathkala says "Hunter?"
Gorawwwk squawks, "I hunt! I hunt dragons! What is giant hunter that Gorawwwk is not?!"
Gorawwwk chirps low, almost to himself, "Wait… if giant hunter… then must be very large… giant who hunts giants?"
Ilyena looks a little overwhelmed when multiple people start talking. "I have knowledge of a Hunter of giants."
Naxene Drathkala pokes NAME REDACTED. "Yer a quiet one…"
Weasel says "What's the chance he lives in Waterdeep? I've got a pendant I've been tasked with returning. "
Shalvus Martholio sidles up to the table "What about taking me to Bargewright Inn?"
Weasel points her axe at Shalvus. "Does it involve fighting giants?" 
Shalvus Martholio says "um, no? I hope not!"
NAME REDACTED sighs… "A'right, Seamus, what's at Bargewright Inn?"
Shalvus Martholio says "My conta…I mean my boss. I have to repor….check in. Yeah, check in. That's the ticket!"
NAME REDACTED says "Seamus, do ye know who I am?"
Shalvus Martholio says "um, should I?"
Ilyena looks back and forth between those talking. "It would takes us in the opposite direction, actually," she chimes in when she finds an opening. "The Hunter is in the High Forest."
Gorawwwk peers around the table, saying little but judging much with his unblinking eyes.
NAME REDACTED flashes his factions symbol to Shalvus, fast enough that no one else sees it.
Shalvus Martholio 's eyes go wide. "Oh, crap"
NAME REDACTED says "Aye… so when I says scram, afore me master finds out what all ye done bungled here, I means it."
Naxene Drathkala says "Where are my manners? You all could use some healing."
Naxene Drathkala holds out her hands and mumbles, forming a golden glow over the party.
Naxene Drathkala says "feel better?"
Weasel shakes out her now loose muscles and sighs, "So much better! Thank you!"
Mortimer Seaton says "Better than you'll ever know."
Naxene Drathkala says "lets keep it that way"
Mortimer Seaton says "How can I ever repay you?"
Naxene Drathkala says "Well, actually…"
Weasel turns this time to NAME REDACTED, "You look like someone who's ready to rumble at all times. Down to kill some more giants?" 
NAME REDACTED looks back and forth, once again not happy to have this many eyes on him. "Giants? I'm always ready ta kill some giants! As long as the big guy is comin' with us."
Naxene Drathkala says "I am concerned about these giant attacks. Have you ever heard of the Lord's Alliance?"
Mortimer Seaton says "I haven't heard of such an alliance. I don't get out too much… but how would they help?"
Naxene Drathkala says "They, we actually, are tasked with keeping peace in the North. I am trying to get some help from a friend of mine in Waterdeep who is an expert on Dragons. I'm sure if we can enlist the help of some good Dragons we can defeat these upstart Giants."
Gorawwwk pipes up in broken Common, "Kill giants? Fine. Kill dragon later. Arrows go pew pew!"
Shalvus Martholio whispers to NAME REDACTED "Are you here to kill me?"
NAME REDACTED whispers back to Shalvus, "No, ya dummy. But Ravencrest wants you out of his business, alright? You AND your master. Leave this abbey alone, Lord Ravencrest has his eyes set on it, and if it's gonna be comin' inta the Network's hands, it'll be through Ravencrest."
Shalvus Martholio says "You're HIM aren't you? Oh, god. Oh god. DON'T KILL ME!"
Shalvus Martholio runs out the door
Mortimer Seaton says "If it meant keeping beauties like you safe from harm, I would be happy to aide in your mission."
Gorawwwk watches the man with the funny hair run away and squawks at the dwarf, "Whooo youuu?"
NAME REDACTED , tired of dealing with Shalvus, turns back to the rest of the group. "Oi, that one's a pain in the arse. You all can call me Randole, by the way. Randole Furtleboots. Who are all of ye?"
Naxene Drathkala rolls 9 for a Constitution save and gets 9.
Naxene Drathkala actually blushes
Naxene Drathkala says "Ahem! Back to business."
Naxene Drathkala says "I would also like to know the names of our saviors"
Naxene Drathkala says "You can call me Betty"
Weasel says "People call me Weasel. Have since I was little… well littler…"
Miros Xelbrin says "You were littler?!"
Miros Xelbrin says "Hahaha. Sometimes I crack meself up…"
Mortimer Seaton says "I am Mortimer Seaton, how do you do."
Weasel snarls, and aims her axe at the furry guy. "You wanna go, santa?" 
Miros Xelbrin says "I like it right here! Lot's of ale. Here, have a mug" and thrusts a mug at Weasel
Miros Xelbrin holds out a plate of fried frog toes
Gorawwwk stands up on his chair and declares, "I Gorawwwk!" with his wings spread out wide and a triumphant… smile? Can a thing with a beak smile? It's not clear, but he seems pleased with himself as he sits back down on the back of his chair and pours some ale down his open beak.
Naxene Drathkala says "If you are already heading to Waterdeep to return the amulet, You could take the message for me…"
Ilyena clears her throat and stands, bowing formally. "I am Ilyena Fenrieth, chosen of Sehanine Moonbow, she who is wife of Corellon Larethian, Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, called sometimes The Lady of Dreams, the Luminous Cloud, the Lunar Lady, the Moonlit Mystery, and the Mystic Seer." She raises herself from her bow and sits.
Miros Xelbrin says "That's a lot of names"
Weasel turns to Naxene, "Is that to get the dragon? Cause I'm always interesting in fighting with dragons." 
Naxene Drathkala says "WITH dragons, not against them?"
Gorawwwk nods emphatically with the gnome, "I fight dragons too! Let's get those dragons!"
Naxene Drathkala says "No no no. You're missing the point…"
Gorawwwk coos quietly to himself, "Filthy dragonses…"
Weasel says "I thought I head something about a good dragon, and I'm not one to judge, as long as I'm fighting something I don't care who or what is fighting along side me. "
Naxene Drathkala puts a hand on Mortimer's shoulder "You're good with words, can you explain it to them?""
Weasel says "But if you want me to fight dragons, I'm more than willing to do that as well."
Mortimer Seaton says "I have only heard tales of the dragons, but when used to our advantage, we could easily conquer the giant nuisance that has struck this land."
Naxene Drathkala says "right! Eloquently put."
Ilyena sips her ale, listening to everyone talk for a bit before interjecting, "Perhaps we should go to Waterdeep to provision and collect this dragon expert. Then we could go to the High Forest and collect the giant hunter. We would have a veritable army at our backs by the time it was, well, time, to face the giants themselves."
Naxene Drathkala says "Are you a bard? Or an orator?"
Mortimer Seaton says "Indeed, I am a druid my lady. I have swam across the seven seas to only hope to bring balance to the elements."
Naxene Drathkala says "Oh."
Naxene Drathkala moves away from Mortimer Seaton
Mortimer Seaton says "No, no! This does not mean we cannot be acquaintances! Or something more…"
Naxene Drathkala whispers to Nigh "I've heard weird things about druids…"
Naxene Drathkala whispers "the things they do with trees…"
Naxene Drathkala says "well, think on my offer. I shall retire to my room."
Naxene Drathkala heads out
Weasel says "I've already been given the item that must be returned to Waterdeep. it would be inappropriate for me to take it without promising to return it. "
Gorawwwk tilts his head to the gnome and says, "What if magic item? What if summon giant-killer god? Maybe try first?"
Weasel takes out the black pearl pendant and looks it over, now wondering what magical powers it might possess. 
Miros Xelbrin says "As you head through Amphail , say 'hey baby' to Arleosa for me. She's proprietor of the Stag-Horned Flagon"
Miros Xelbrin says "We go WAY back, huhuh"
Gorawwwk eyes the pendant and nods, "Yes yes. Black pearl summons sea monsters. Pirates. It is known!"
Weasel looks wide eyed at the bird man then back at the pendant.
Nigh Quill uses Identify.
Nigh Quill says "It does not appear to be magical"
Weasel says "Damn. Might as well return it then, see what the owner will give me for it. "
Ilyena nods in finality. "Good, then it is settled. On the morrow, to Waterdeep." She stands. "I will meet you all in the stables at dawn."
Gorawwwk makes a low whistling sigh and says, "Maybe not on THIS plane…"
Miros Xelbrin says "Are you sleeping in the stables?"
Ilyena blinks for a moment before understanding dawns. "No, I have a room at the Abbey."
Mortimer Seaton says "To Waterdeep it is!"
"Randole" shifts, a little nervous about staying one more night… "Tomorrow? We can't leave tonight?"
Weasel picks up the drink that was set in front of her and starts to chug. When she finishes she plops it down on the table. "I'll be needing a room!"
Miros Xelbrin says "There might be giants"
Miros Xelbrin hums a song not of this world.
Ilyena bids them all a good rest and makes her exit, though she wasn't sure how well she'd sleep. She was excited for their journey in the morning.
Gorawwwk scoops up a talonful of fried frog toes and washes them down with another ale poured directly down his gullet, lets out a weird belching sound that almost sounds like a dying crow, and then hops down off the chair. "Not in stables. On stables. Tomorrow, we kill things that are not dragons!" Then he promptly struts out of the common room and drunkenly lifts off the ground to settle into roost on the stable roof.



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