Behemoth Brawls

Session 33 - Are we there Yeti?

 Last session the group fought off some Ice spiders, found Mitsurugi, and headed off for Svardborg. After 5 days travel, the last 2 of which were entirely over the icy ocean, you approach the town of Svardborg, situated on an iceberg. From the air you can see several giant-sized lodges arrayed around the ring-shaped iceberg, several of which are completely entombed in frozen white.
Weasel says "Alright guys, what's our plan of attack? "
Mitsurugi rests.
Nigh Quill rests.
Weasel rests.
G.O. Rakius IV rests.
Zeldo rests.
Ballista rests.
Mortimer Seaton rests.
Ilyena rests.
Selected Creature(s) have rested.
GM [DM] heals Mitsurugi, Nigh Quill, Weasel, G.O. Rakius IV, Zeldo, Mortimer Seaton, Ilyena to maximum.
Mortimer Seaton Looks over the side of the boat to see the ocean he so dearly missed, not realizing he had been even the slightest bit homesick.
Mortimer Seaton says "AN AQUATIC COMMUNITY! Now is my chance to meet the love of my life. I just know it."
Weasel says "As long as you don't mind a bride, at least 5 times your size. "
Mortimer Seaton says "I'm sure they're not all that large… right?"
G.O. Rakius IV walks up to the bow of the ship and shouts, "LAND HO! To death and destruction we go!" He looks around for his fine feathered friends, but cannot see them and figures they've gone hunting or something. "Oh well, they'll come back when they're ready, Varis," he says, "They're good lads like that."
Weasel says "So we're looking for the leader of the frost giants? I feel like we should tread carefully here. I'm not sure we can take on a hoard of giants. Maybe we just… convince them to not be dicks? "
Nigh Quill strums softly while singing "the sailors say morty, you're a fine boy what good man you will be, but the love of that girl over there's name is Lee"
Nigh Quill says "do do doo doo do"
A small amount ov movement can be seen on the north side of the iceberg lagoon, and you hear the far off voice of a giant yelling commands."
Mitsurugi says "Movement! There on the north side of the iceburg! "
Mitsurugi says "Shall we land and investigate?"
Weasel** says "So… maybe we land on this side of the iceburg.. "
Mitsurugi says "It is your mission after all. I'm just an expendable and easily replaceable character Wahaha!"
G.O. Rakius IV scoffs, "Well, of course there is. Let's divebomb it and see what happens!"
Nigh Quill says "we're on the braided beard side of the iceberg, they'll never see us coming"
Ilyena nods at Mitsurugi. "I believe we should at least approach in a less obvious manner. 
Mitsurugi thinks for a moment. "So you're saying no screaming on our approach?"
Nigh Quill says "obviously"
Weasel says "And maybe on foot"
G.O. Rakius IV asks, "What's the fun in that?"
Weasel says "We live to tell the tale. "
Ilyena points to the break in the circular iceberg. "We could approach as any other ship would upon the surface of the sea."
Mitsurugi nods towards G.O. "No fun apparently."
Nigh Quill squints as he picks up his hat that he always keeps with him (you know the one) and puts it on, pulling the brim low
G.O. Rakius IV gapes at the elf and says, "With a giant balloon floating over it instead of sails? Nothing conspicuous about that!"
Mitsurugi guffaws. "You have a FLYING vessel and you WANT to seem ORDINARY!?"
Weasel says "We'll still have a giant balloon attached to our ship. I'm not sure we'll be inconspicuous. "
Mortimer Seaton says "I agree with Ilyena, we should approach as any other ship. Maybe the disguise will be enough that they treat us as guests?"
Ilyena shrugs. "One odd thing is just that."
Mitsurugi draws his sword and thrusts it into the air. "I'll let fate decide my choice." He throws the sword up and sees if it strikes him on the way down.
Mitsurugi hits Mitsurugi with Masamune for 11 damage (d8+6 slashing and magic).
Weasel says "Because I'm sure if we doc, the fact that we're 500% smaller then them wont give us away. "
Mitsurugi says "Aha! The sword has chosen."
G.O. Rakius IV shakes his head sadly and says, "You know, I'm all loaded up with murdery fire spells, and that's an ICEBERG. This is simple math, folks. Fire + Iceberg = drowning giants.
Mitsurugi says "I believe however that most giants do in fact know how to swim."
Mitsurugi says "Also they definitely have ships."
Mortimer Seaton says "Swimming is for weenies, I can walk on water!"
G.O. Rakius IV shrugs and says, "Good for them. I know lightning spells too."
Nigh Quill sings "near, far, wherever you are"
The prevailing wins slowly pushes you closer to the iceberg."
The prevailing wind slowly pushes you closer to the iceberg.
Weasel** says "Looks like some unknown fate is making the decision for us. Land, or be blown into the icebert."
Mitsurugi says "Let us land. We shall approach the giants as friends. No need to start with antagonistic intentions."
Ilyena points. "I agree with our new friend."
G.O. Rakius IV sighs and says, "Whoever is supposed to be driving this thing, just get us there already. My fingers are itching to make the burning!"
Mitsurugi goes to high five Ilyena but winces as the gash in his arm squirts blood onto her face instead.
Nigh Quill says "he's barely wearing shoes"
Mitsurugi says "Let me clean that up for you."
Mitsurugi tries to wipe it away but just ends up smearing more blood all of her face and clothes.
Weasel Rushes to the wheel, and starts to land them right outside the entrance. 
Nigh Quill says "you think if we broke their chain the iceberg would just split in half?"
Ilyena blinks rapidly, stunned, before backing away. "I believe I can clean myself up, but I should look at that wound first." 
Mitsurugi says "I think it's just there for aesthetic purposes."
G.O. Rakius IV nods at the drow and says, 'Absolutely. Let's do that."
Nigh Quill says "that's a pretty big aesthetic"
The airship sets down in the water at the ehtrance to the harbor.
As the no-longer-an-air ship passes into the harbor, the top of the balloon lightly scrapes the rusty chain above.
Mortimer Seaton runs to the front of the ship to feel the ocean spray in his hair
The water spashes from the front of the boat as Mortimer leans forward arms wide. As soon as the liquid settles on him, it freezes solid.
Weasel resists the urge to push Morty over the edge, into the water. 
Mitsurugi walks up to Morty, thinking of pushing him into the water.
Mitsurugi instead places a hand on the young boy's back and admires the view with him.
G.O. Rakius IV shakes his head sadly, thinking of all the things that could be melting or on fire right now. 
Mitsurugi says "I had a son once you know, he too loved the sea."
Mortimer Seaton barely waddles back to the rest of the crew, patiently waiting for the ice to melt
Mortimer Seaton watches a single tear fall down his face, thinking of the father he never really had
The tear freezes
Nigh Quill comes up behind morty and mitsy and softly sings "Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you That is how I know you, go on"
Mitsurugi watches Mortimer slowly freezing to death and his emotions take over. He embraces Morty as a father would until the ice melts from parental love.
Mitsurugi says "I'm proud of you son."
Once the boat enters the harbor proper, you get alook at the activity going on across the other side. A rather large group of tribal warriors are digging a ship out of the ice while a frost giant looks on and yells orders.
Mitsurugi steps away from Morty. "Do you think they need help?"
Oh, and 4 Yeti are helping dig, too
Weasel says "Oh, this should be fun. "
Mortimer Seaton says "If they do, I am happy to help!"
Mortimer Seaton wispers to Mitsurugi, "Thank you"
Nigh Quill says "i know i'm hear to sing songs and whatnot but, and let me finish, are we sure this is what we're suppose to be doing?"
Ilyena follows after Mitsurugi, attempting to bandage his wounded arm.
G.O. Rakius IV says, "I think they need help exploding."
Mitsurugi tousles Morty's hair.
Mortimer Seaton giggles as a small boy would
Mitsurugi says "Oh look at that. An underwater ice tunnel."
Weasel says "What? Where? I don't see anything. "
Mortimer Seaton says "I see it! I see the tunnel!"
Mitsurugi points. Then lifts the gnome up and aims her at the tunnel.
To the right, you see a dock extending out into the harbor. It look slike the only easy place to tie up that isn't taken already.
Mitsurugi gives Mortimer a huge smile. "I knew you would!"
Weasel docks the boat at the only available dock. 
Weasel says "Alright, before we get off this boat. I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page. We're going to ask nicely for the conch. No fighting. No pillaging. Just nice, polite, asking. Got it? "
Mitsurugi says "I'll follow your lead!"
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 1).
G.O. Rakius IV wiggles his fingers and throws a handful of dust in the air. "Sure. No killing. For now. But I'm not itching to be killt myself!"
Across the lagoon, one of the tribal warriors yells and points at your boat. The frost giant turns, looks at the boat, then backhabds the worker, knocking her down into the bilge.
Mortimer Seaton says "We come in peace!"
Nigh Quill changes cords and sings "the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon….."
Mortimer Seaton says "Don't hurt that fine lass you have there! That is just rude!"
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "Klaatu Barada Nikto!"
Weasel says "We come in peace? "
Weasel says "If that helps. "
You also hear bickering coming from the boat immediately to the north
Mitsurugi says "What are they doing?"
Ilyena heads for the dock as soon as the feels the ship make contact. 
Mitsurugi hops onto the icy shore and begins approaching the giant.
Mitsurugi says "Ho there friendly frost giant! I am Mistsurugi, what is your name?"
Mortimer Seaton Follows his new companion
Weasel Curses the new guy, and jumps off the ship to rush after him. 
G.O. Rakius IV shrugs and walks off behind the rest of the party, ready to burn it all down at any moment.
Wivog pops up from the bottom of the giant ship and throws a snowball across toward the bow. "Take that!"
Weasel yells "WHOA! HEY! WE JUST WANNA TALK! "
Foltius ducks the snowball and hauls back to return the favor when he spots your party approaching.
Foltius says "Intruders!"
Mitsurugi grabs some snow and quickly makes a snowball. He hands it to Morty. "Go on, have some fun."
Mortimer Seaton says "No no! We are new friends!"
Weasel says "Why does no one ever want to talk to us…"
Mitsurugi says "Probably because they're afraid of you. If I wasn't so strong I might have been too."
Nigh Quill says in a sing songy way "there once was a frost giant named pete, he had frozen hair on his feet, he never could spell, and after every direction you tell he'd always ask you to repeat"
Mortimer Seaton Smiles at Miti, keeping the snowball at the ready but unsure whether to throw it
Mitsurugi says "Something about those adult features on that tiny face… Unsettling."
Wivog says "Uh, HEY!"
Mitsurugi waves to giant. "HELLO!"
Mortimer Seaton says "Howdy!"
G.O. Rakius IV watches the snowball arc past the party and shakes his head, "Snilloc would've done better. Of course, he never listened to me when I said a snowy fireball was just a waste of a fireball…
Nigh Quill says "if you're really offended just spell offended and i'll appologize, otherwise, permission to come aboard?"
Weasel says "We're here searching for something. Maybe you can help?"
Foltius yells "I got this" and dives over the side of the ship into the water, swimming for the other side of the lagoon
Mitsurugi says "He's probably going to inform his captain and then they will attack us. But I'll continue to stay my blade because the creepy childlike one asked me to."
Mortimer Seaton says "Oooo! Going for a swim? Can I join!? I LOVE THE WATER"
Wivog says "Why should we help you. Were you invited?"
Mortimer Seaton says "Indeed I was, but the invitation got lost in the mail so I had to receive a carrier pigeon instead."
Mortimer Seaton says "Thankfully it made it through the blistering winds!"
Weasel says "Yes, actually. The great all father told us to come, and we were traveling with another frost giant. Harshnag. Maybe you know him? "
Nigh Quill says "thing was frozen solid when it got there too, poor little pigeon"
Wivog says "Harshnag? That little prick? He's a traiter to the Frost Giant name!"
Weasel says "Did I say Harshag? No, that's wrong. I meant… Humsnug…"
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Right? That's what I've been saying all along! Why did we listen to him? All he wanted to do was kill his own kind. Good thing we sacrificed him in a cave. That means we're good now, right?"
G.O. Rakius IV rolls 13for a Persuasion skill check and gets 13.
Wivog says "I shoulda kicked his ass when I had the chance. The Jarl is gonna have his head for telling littles how to find this place."
Nigh Quill carries on "there once was a giant named Wivog, who liked to paint pictures of his dog, the dogs name was sadie, and so was his lady…..that's all i got but it was going to be really good"
Wivog says "That doesn't even rhyme!"
Weasel says "He didn't tell us how to get here. The All-father did. "
Nigh Quill looks at wivog, "that's rude" 
Wivog says "I don't belive you. The All-Father has abandoned us."
Mortimer Seaton says "But then why would he send us to find you!?"
Weasel says "Well not us. Maybe he's just sick of how you're behaving? Ever think of that? Maybe if you were nicer, he'd come back. "
Mortimer Seaton says "His invitation had the prettiest wax seal… made me want to get back into that more ancient practice"
Wivog says "He didn't. You're lying"
Wivog looks at G.O. "The enemy of my enemy is … another enemy!"
Nigh Quill says "the giant named wivog, he sure was a smart dog, you'd never get one over on him, even if foltius said he was only good for making noise……I mean really do you all even want songs to be sung about you? Try naming yourself Doug"
Mortimer Seaton says "So that I could too send pretty invitations, maybe for a future wedding? If I were to ever find another who loved me so… but prophecy claims I will indeed find this love and I will have many offspring who make a positive impact on this land!"
Foltius reaches the far shore and climbs onto the the ice
Weasel says "Maybe the All Father didn't like being taken advantage of, and wanted you to know what it felt like without him, but now that he sees how terrible you're being he doesn't even want to come back. Ever think of that? "
G.O. Rakius IV agrees with Wivog, "They are totally lying. I AM the All Father. I have taken this mortal form to bring these adventurers here so you can teach them how to be proper giants. If you doubt me, I will show you! I have the power to make giants!"
Mitsurugi Looks in aw at G.O. "That's incredible!"
Foltius disappears into the lodge on the other side of the lagoon
Wivog yells back "INTRUDERS!"
Simohr yells "REALLY?"
G.O. Rakius IV nods sagely at the swordsman, "It is. I am all powerful and there is naught which I cannot do! But I really like making giants. It's kind of my All Fathery thing."
Weasel yells, "GUESTS!"
Mortimer Seaton says "NO! WE COME IN PEACE!"
Wivog sighs, then yells "YES REALLY. DIDN'T I JUST SAY IT?"
Nigh Quill looks smug "i got one"
Nigh Quill says "there stands a giant who is looking defiant because he doesn't know who we are, that's just as well cause this things gone to hell, we'll probably be able to put what's left of him in a jar"
Weasel whispers "as long as there are giant sized jars around. "
Nigh Quill whispers "we're in giant town, they only have giant sized jars"
Mitsurugi says "So shall we surprise attack then?"
G.O. Rakius IV begins making grand gestures and intoning something in heavily-accented giantese that probably sounds really impressive.
Mitsurugi pulls his long bow out and readies an arrow.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 2).
From across the lagoon, near the top of the lodge that Foltius went into, the sound of a giant horn echoes across the iceberg.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Enlarge/Reduce (2) on Mitsurugi.
Mitsurugi says "LET'S DO THIS THEN."
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "I told you I could make giants! BOW TO YOUR GOD!"
Wivog says "Bah, thats just an enlarge spell"
Weasel readies her cross=bow, "Look, we only came here for a conch, so we can be granted a hearing with the giant king and his court. But we're willing to do this the hard way if that's what it takes. We're always willing to do it the hard way."
Wivog says " Oh good. We like the hard way, too!"
Mitsurugi drops his bow to the ground and draws Masamune in one swift motion while crossing over to face the giant.
Mitsurugi hits Wivog with Masamune for 10 damage (d10+8 slashing and magic).
G.O. Rakius IV looks taken aback, "Is not! It's a Make Giants spell!"
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Mitsurugi rolls 3for a Dexterity check and gets 7.
Player [Zach1] rolls a d4 for 1.
Mortimer Seaton swoons as he sees the tribal warriors ready their weapons
Simohr yells "KILL THEM!"
Weasel hits Wivog with Crossbow for 11 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel hits Wivog with Crossbow for 11 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Mitsurugi says "I shall gladly take this giant in single combat. I leave the rest to you!"
Weasel yells "HOW CONSIDERATE! "
Mortimer Seaton uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Mortimer Seaton uses Call Lightning (120', Self, Concentration, 15' square) on Mortimer Seaton.
Mortimer Seaton beems proudly as he calls lightning down on the closest target
G.O. Rakius IV says, "I knew giants were too stupid to recognize their god on sight. How sad for them. Ah well. My giant will show them the error of their ways!" He adds, in a whisper meant only for Ilyena, "Try to keep this one alive. Not like the iron one, eh?"
Mitsurugi says "Morty no!"
Mitsurugi says "It must be a fair fight!"
Wivog CRITS Mitsurugi with Greataxe (X2) for 64 damage (3d12+6 slashing).
Mitsurugi dies instantly.
Mortimer Seaton uses Lightning Damage (3) on Wivog.
Weasel says "Okay guys! I think, maybe, stay away from the giants if you can help it! "
Nigh Quill uses 1st level spell slot.
Nigh Quill uses Cloud of daggers (Level 2, 5' Cube, Concentration).
Player [Zach1] rolls a d20 for 9.
Simohr hits G.O. Rakius IV with Snowball (60/240) for 29 damage (4d8+6 bludgeoning) plus 4 damage (2d4 cold).
Round 2 begins.
Weasel hits Wivog with Crossbow for 5 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel misses Wivog with Crossbow. 
Ilyena uses Channel Divinity on Ilyena.
Ilyena uses CD: Preserve Life (30ft) on Mitsurugi, G.O. Rakius IV.
GM [DM] hurts Mitsurugi, G.O. Rakius IV for 30 damage.
Mitsurugi is staggered.
GM [DM] heals G.O. Rakius IV for 11 damage.
GM [DM] heals Mitsurugi for 24 damage.
Mortimer Seaton cancels its move.
Unrecognized command: /twll ros gotcha
Mortimer Seaton cancels its move.
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "THEY'RE COMIN' RIGHT FOR US!" and fires indiscriminately. With great prejudice.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Fireball (3, 20ft radius) on Yeti, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Warrior.
Tribal Warrior dies instantly.
Tribal Warrior dies instantly.
Tribal Warrior dies instantly.
Tribal Warrior dies instantly.
Tribal Warrior dies instantly.
Tribal Warrior rolls 14for a Dexterity check and gets 14.
Yeti rolls 7for a Dexterity check and gets 8.
Nigh Quill uses Cloud of Daggers Damage on Wivog.
Wivog doesn't notice that Mitsurugi had stodd back up…
> /roll d4
GM [DM] rolls a 1d? for 4.
Wivog hits Weasel with Snowball (60/240) for 28 damage (4d8+6 bludgeoning) plus 4 damage (2d4 cold).
Nigh Quill uses 3rd Level Spell slot.
Nigh Quill uses Shatter (Level 2, 60', 10' Radius) on Wivog.
GM [DM] heals Wivog for 9 damage.
Player [Nigh] rolls 4d8 for 22 => 8 7 4 3.
GM [DM] hurts Wivog for 22 damage.
Mitsurugi misses Wivog with Masamune. 
Mitsurugi hits Wivog with Masamune for 10 damage (d10+8 slashing and magic).
Mitsurugi leaps up behind the giant with a swift blow before entering a defensive stance, ready to take on his opponent.
Mitsurugi uses Ki on Mitsurugi.
Mitsurugi uses Patient Defense on Mitsurugi.
Mortimer Seaton uses Lightning Damage (3) on Yeti.
Simohr misses Mortimer Seaton with Snowball (60/240). 
Round 3 begins.
Weasel misses Wivog with Crossbow. 
Weasel hits Wivog with Crossbow for 8 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Player [Clint] rolls a d20 for 1.
Player [Clint] rolls a d20 for 14.
Ilyena uses Level 2 on Ilyena.
Ilyena uses Cure Wounds (L2) (touch) on G.O. Rakius IV.
Mortimer Seaton uses Lightning Damage(120') (3) on Tribal Warrior, Tribal Warrior, Yeti.
Tribal Warrior drops.
Tribal Warrior drops.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 3).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Fireball (3, 20ft radius) on Yeti, Yeti.
Wivog says "You're back?"
Mitsurugi says "Come at me!"
Wivog hits Mitsurugi with Greataxe (X2) for 15 damage (3d12+6 slashing).
Wivog misses Mitsurugi with Greataxe (X2). 
GM [DM] heals Mitsurugi for 15 damage.
Wivog misses Mitsurugi with Greataxe (X2). 
Mitsurugi deftly deflects the giant's massive blows with ease. "This is how a true warrior fights!"
Nigh Quill uses 3rd Level Spell slot.
Player [Nigh] rolls 4d8 for 18 => 4 2 5 7.
GM [DM] hurts Wivog for 18 damage.
Mitsurugi hits Wivog with Masamune for 14 damage (d10+8 slashing and magic).
Mitsurugi hits Wivog with Masamune for 18 damage (d10+8 slashing and magic).
Wivog drops.
Mitsurugi says "You cannot stand against me! I am the greatest."
Mitsurugi leaps onto shore and races to help the others.
Mitsurugi uses Ki on Mitsurugi.
Mitsurugi uses Patient Defense on Mitsurugi.
Yeti misses Mitsurugi with Claw x2. 
Yeti misses Mitsurugi with Claw x2. 
Simohr misses Mitsurugi with Snowball (60/240). 
Round 4 begins.
Weasel misses Foltius with Crossbow. 
Weasel hits Foltius with Crossbow for 4 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel Hears a creaking behind her, and whips around, wasting no time, firing two arrows from her crossbow at the approaching giant. 
Ilyena uses Level 3 on Ilyena.
Ilyena uses Cure Wounds (L3) (touch) on Mitsurugi.
Yeti hits Ilyena with Claw x2 for 9 damage (d6+4 slashing) plus 2 damage (d6 cold).
Yeti misses Mortimer Seaton with Claw x2. 
Mortimer Seaton uses Lightning Damage(120') (3) on Yeti, Yeti.
Yeti drops.
Mortimer Seaton says "I am not a fan of being hit, sir."
Weasel says "Uhh… Guys! I could use a little help over here! We got giants coming from all sides!"
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 1).
G.O. Rakius IV misses Foltius with Chromatic Orb (Fire). 
G.O. Rakius IV lobs a little ball of fire at the oncoming giant, but misses. "Burn it all! We didn't have to do it this way!" he shouts, knowing full well they absolutely did have to do it this way.
Nigh Quill uses 3rd Level Spell slot.
Player [Nigh] rolls 4d8 for 19 => 8 7 1 3.
GM [DM] hurts Yeti, Yeti for 19 damage.
Yeti drops.
Yeti rolls 4for a Constitution check and gets 7.
Yeti rolls 13for a Constitution check and gets 16.
GM [DM] heals Yeti for 10 damage.
Nigh Quill casts the same spell once again, no flourish no panache, just a shattering scream brought forth from the ether to attack his foes
Yeti misses Mitsurugi with Claw x2. 
Yeti misses Mitsurugi with Claw x2. 
Mitsurugi says "Poor yeti. I've slain stronger foes than you while I was marching twenty miles in the snow, uphill both ways!"
Mitsurugi hits Yeti with Masamune for 16 damage (d10+8 slashing and magic).
Mitsurugi misses Yeti with Masamune. 
Mitsurugi uses Ki on Mitsurugi.
Mitsurugi uses Flurry of Blows on Mitsurugi.
Mitsurugi hits Yeti with Unarmed for 7 damage (d6+4 bludgeoning and magic).
Mitsurugi hits Yeti with Unarmed for 6 damage (d6+4 bludgeoning and magic).
Mitsurugi uses Stunning Strike on Yeti.
Mitsurugi uses Ki on Mitsurugi.
Tribal Warrior misses Mitsurugi with Spear. 
Tribal Warrior hits Ilyena with Spear for 9 damage (d8+1 piercing).
Tribal Warrior cancels its move.
Mitsurugi uses Stunning Strike on Yeti.
Simohr hits G.O. Rakius IV with Snowball (60/240) for 21 damage (4d8+6 bludgeoning) plus 7 damage (2d4 cold).
Simohr says "I hate fireballs!"
Round 5 begins.
Weasel hits Foltius with Crossbow for 9 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel CRITS Foltius with Crossbow for 12 damage (d8+3 piercing).
Weasel says "And I'm back where I started. Clearly this is going well for us. "



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