Behemoth Brawls

Session 45 - Boss Fight Part 1

 Last session the group questioned Lord Drylund who revealed that King Hekaton was being held on a ship near Purple Rocks, and then his head exploded. You then proceeded to cause havoc in the Grand Dame, headed for Red Larch for a dring, and boarded the airship headed for Purple Rocks.
As we join the group, you are tracking back and forth across the ocean near Purple Rocks, searching for the aforementioned ship.
Zan-Kyri Yawns loudly, "We've been at this for hours. I'm going to go below deck and rest."
G.O. Rakius IV stretches and says, "Lets do this! Onward to victory! Death to the infidels! IA IA!" then looks around and adds, "Oh, and Varis is hungry. Anyone got a baby goat?"
WaveBreak clicks her toes against the wood of the crows nest, while her eyes intently scan the horizon.
Weasel rifles through her bag. "Sorry, no baby goat. All I have are these magical berries that I don't remember picking up." 
Zan-Kyri Sits down on one of the hammoks and brings out one of the leftover mugs of ale. "Ah, I needed this." he says to himself as he lays back and starts drinking the ale.
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Shame. Guess you'll have to settle for dreams of innocents, Varis. Good luck finding any here…"
Weasel says "Veris is welcome to the magic berried if she's… he's… they're that hungry."
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Trust me, kiddo. You do not want to smell what happens when Varis eats berries."
Mortimer Seaton Leans against the railing, staring dreamily out over the ocean, and humming a sad but beautiful song, wishing he had a girlfriend. 
Ilyena sits balanced on the railing at the front of the ship looking for any sign of their quarry. Well, ostensibly looking. She was beginning to feel rather fidgety after so long. 
Mortimer Seaton sings under his breath, "My bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea, my bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my bonnie to me."
Zan-Kyri Starts brings out his Pan Flute and starts playing a song from his homeland on it. Occasionally taking a pause to drink some more.
WaveBreak mimics the cries of a gull, more out of habit than any real expectation that someone will recognize it as a meaning that she doesn't see any signs of the ship that they seek.
Mortimer Seaton turns around in exasperation, "guys! Why wont anyone date me?"
G.O. Rakius IV shouts up at the kenku on the pole-thingy, "Hey! You see anything worth blowing up yet? Or, you know, any giants surorunded by kraken-worshipping cultists in dirty robes who need baths?"
Ilyena rolls 2for a Perception skill check and gets 9.
Mortimer Seaton says "And are any of the cultists pretty girls?! I can change them! They don't have to be dirty cultists forever. I can save them! "
Zan-Kyri rolls 14for a Constitution check and gets 15.
WaveBreak responds to the one called GO in the voice of some grizzled old sailor, "Vessel, ho! Off the bow! Look lively, mates!"
G.O. Rakius IV walks over and puts a hand on Mortimer's shoulder, before withdrawing it and wiping the dampness off on his pant leg. "I don't know, lad. They might be. I'm guessing they're all disfigured men who can't get dates and rely on 'eldritch powers' to help them capture a few unwilling participants here and there."
Mortimer Seaton turns back around sadly, and tries to enjoy the feeling of sea spray against his skin, making little fish shapes out of the water. 
Ilyena with one last fruitless look toward the horizon, Ilyena hops down from her perch and rejoins the others. "Perhaps it is just that you haven't met someone who is compatible with your lifestyle."
Zan-Kyri Having drunk quite a lot in the short time below deck, he's feeling a bit tipsy, and decides to head up to see what the others are doing.
Mortimer Seaton says "I've never met any other adventurers. Do you think it could happen? "
Zan-Kyri says "Heeeeeeyyyy guyyyys, hows it goin?"
Zan-Kyri says "We find anything yet?"
G.O. Rakius IV whispers, "I see two… well, one and a half, compatible adventuring type ladies right here. You've been through some stuff together! That's like half the work right there."
WaveBreak barks loud enough to be heard over all the chatter below, her voice still that of a seasoned sailor, "LOOK LIVELY, MATES! VESSEL HO!" She stabs a finger toward the front of the ship.
Mortimer Seaton finally hears WaveBreak and looks up from his moping to see the ship in front of them. 
The Morkoth is a bizarre-looking yet seaworthy vessel with a hull that resembles a giant squid. As it plies the Trackless Sea, the top of the forward stabilizing fin remains above the water while the aft tentacles trail behind underwater. Two Kraken Society cultists stand watch on the decks fore and aft of King Hekaton, who lies on his back in the ship's hold, wrapped in chains. The 28- foot-tall giant appears frozen in time, his eyes open and staring blindly into the sky. Four chains bind him to the hull of the ship.
Mortimer Seaton says "Guys? is that the ship we were looking for?"
Zan-Kyri looks around, then finally notices the ship. "I mean, it looks like it. kinda, sorta, maybe. Want me to go check it out?"
Weasel watches Zan walk around on wobbly legs. "Um, no. I think you're good where you are."
G.O. Rakius IV shrugs and says, "Maybe. But someone will have to take this tub in closer if I'm to get a good clean shot at it… I wonder how well it sails when it's on fire."
The airship continues to drift closer to the strange craft.
Zan-Kyri sidles up to Weasel, "Really? I mean, it's not that far off, I can tooooootally make it there."
Weasel takes one finger, and pushes Zan to see if he's actually stable on his feet or not. 
Zan-Kyri rolls 11for a Dexterity check and gets 15.
G.O. Rakius IV adds, "For that matter… how well can it possibly sail in that configuration in the first place? I mean, sure, the pointy bit probably cuts through the water really well, but then all that water just rushes back in against those stupid legs, and…" before trailing off and nodding to himself.
Zan-Kyri Wobbles back a bit as Weasel pushes him, somehow managing to stay upright
Weasel says "So are we gonna start shooting at it, or should we go the diplomatic route. "
Zan-Kyri stares at the short person in front of him, "Like I said, I coooouuuuld go over and see what's going on…"
WaveBreak mimcs the monk's voice, "Coullld…" while impatiently clicking her toes against her perch.
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "Drag coefficient!" before snapping back around to the present and saying, "Normally, I'd just burn it all down and question the ghosts later… but if you want to get a little closer- like… say on top of the kidnapped giant- I suppose we can do that."
Weasel sighs. "I can't see why not. Let us know what you find." 
G.O. Rakius IV whispers to Weasel, "When they catch him and carve his heart out to sate their dark god, that's when we make our move!"
Zan-Kyri stops what he was about to do, a dumb smile coming over his face. "Awesome! wonderful decision, I'll be back shortly." He then jumps off the side of the boat and flies over to the other ship
Weasel nods at G.O. in reply. 
Zan-Kyri uses Mingle with the Wind (60') on Zan-Kyri.
WaveBreak whistles appreciatively as she watches the monk do what she cannot.
Zan-Kyri rolls 20for a Perception skill check and gets 22.
Zan-Kyri approaches the boat slowly, taking in every little detail he can in his semi-drunken state.
Zan-Kyri rolls 18for a Stealth skill check and gets 22.
Cultist rolls 10for a Perception skill check and gets 10.
Zan-Kyri rolls 17for a Stealth skill check and gets 21.
Cultist 1 says "You hear that?"
Cultist 2 says "Hear what?"
Cultist 1 says "Oh, never mind…"
Zan-Kyri finises up his investigation and drunken air-swims his way back to the airship.
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Well, that was mildly ridiculous. Did you at least find something shiny?"
Zan-Kyri lands back on the airship. wobbling a bit at the feeling of semi-solid ground beneath his feet. "Ugh, I'll never get used to walking when I can do that."
Zan-Kyri stares at G.O. "Yes, I did, in fact." He turns to the rest of the group. "Our Giant is on that ship, seemingly not moving at all. There are only a couple of guards out as well."
Another cultist walks out on deck.
Cultist 3 says "Everything OK up her…Hey! There's a ship out there!"
Cultist 1 says "Huh?"
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Well, the good news is that I can light it on fire from here. The bad news is we might be picking a giant off the bottom of the ocean if I do…"
Cultist 3 points towards the airship. "You two suck at guard duty!"
Weasel says "A couple of guards is good news for us. Not too many that this will be a hassle, but enough that we get to attack things."
Weasel says "Maybe wait to light it on fire till we can free the giant…. also maybe don't light it on fire cause I like that ship."
Cultist 3 yells "RED ALERT. WE HAVE INCOMING!"
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 1).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Mage Armor (1) on G.O. Rakius IV.
Zan-Kyri Looks over at the ship he just flew/swam from. "Oh, they finally noticed? Huh, took them long enough…"
WaveBreak climbs down from the crow's nest while making the sound of fish tales slapping against the water out of annoyance or possibly warning.
G.O. Rakius IV mutters a few words to himself, shimmers for a moment, and says, "Say the word and I'll go over there. I can take one more with me. The rest of you will have to find your own way, though."
Zan-Kyri says "So, have we decided on a course of action?" He taps his foot on the boards of the deck and pulls out his now almost empty flast and takes a swig.
Several more cultists emerge from below and take up stations around the dormant giant.
WaveBreak mimcis a patchwork of voices, including GO's own voice in response, "Take… this… one?"
Weasel says "I'm no good over here. Take me where I can hit things! "
Zan-Kyri closes his eyes for a second, as if listening to something. "The winds won't carry me any longer. I shall have to stay behind."
G.O. Rakius IV looks over at the little bird person and asks, "Can you stay out of sight once we get there? I'll try to woo them with my vast intellect and godly charm, but might need you to make them bleed from big holes in their backs if it goes wrong."
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
WaveBreak shrugs and responds with the sound of a mouse squeaking.
G.O. Rakius IV says, "Sorry Weasel, looks like the WWCHHSHHHWW beat you to it. Might I suggest riding invisible on Morty's back? He's a strong swimmer."
Zan-Kyri sits down and leans back against the rail of the ship, bringing out his now near-empty flask of ale, drinking it slowly, savoring it.
Cultist pulls out his dagger
WaveBreak draws her weapons and stands near GO.
Ballista hits Cultist with Ballista (120/480) for 15 damage (3d10 piercing).
Cultist drops.
GM [DM] heals Weasel for 1 damage.
Weasel mans the ballista and takes aim at the cultists. 
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Level 1 Slot.
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Mage Armor (Level 1).
Tholtz Daggerdark emerges from his cabin and looks around
Mortimer Seaton uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Mortimer Seaton uses Water Breathing (Level 3, 30') on Captain Krug Keelhaul, Weasel, Zan-Kyri, G.O. Rakius IV, Ilyena.
Mortimer Seaton uses Water Breathing (Level 3, 30') on WaveBreak.
Mortimer Seaton makes sure to cast waterbreathing on all of his friends before gracefully diving over the side of the boat, and swimming towards the squid shapped ship. 
Ilyena pulls out a small parchment with a bit of holy text written on it. She opens it, speaks the words reverently and hands it to her new bird friend. "Before you head over there, take this. I will be able to provide you a small measure of protection."
Ilyena uses Level 1 on Ilyena.
Ilyena uses Enhance Ability (L2)(L3) (conc) on WaveBreak.
Ilyena uses Resistance © on WaveBreak.
Ilyena uses Shield of Faith (L1)(60')(Conc) on WaveBreak.
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "Go get 'em, Morty!" before whispering, "That boy is so doomed. Here we go, sound-of-waves-hitting-stuff. Let's play god!" He rattles off a string of syllables that probably don't make much sense, and…
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 4).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Dimension Door (4) on WaveBreak, G.O. Rakius IV.
G.O. Rakius IV appears on the other ship, with a little bird person in tow. "Hi, there," he says casually, "I am G.O. Rakius the Fourth, and I've come to see what you're doing with my super-great grandfather, there. So, before my companions get here and start shooting again… anyone mind explaining why you're holding a giant captive on this rather akwardly designed ship?"
Round 2 begins.
Zan-Kyri completely emptys his flask, feeling a bit mad at the waitress for not letting him buy a barrel. "Whelp, no use just sitting here." he then gets up and backflips over the edge, this time splashing into the water and swimming off in the direction of the ship.
Cultist Climbs up on the bow and swings a dagger at G.O.
Cultist misses G.O. Rakius IV with Dagger. 
WaveBreak hits Cultist with Rapier + Sneak Attack for 9 damage (d8+2 piercing) plus 11 damage (4d6 piercing).
Cultist dies instantly.
Cultist Sees his best friend in the world impaled on a rapier and leaps to avenge him.
Cultist misses WaveBreak with Dagger. 
Giant Octopus appears from below the ship and climbs up onto the bow.
Ballista misses Tholtz Daggerdark with Ballista (120/480). 
Weasel sighs angrily when the ballista misses, and jumps into the water to swim after Morty. 
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Level 3 Slot.
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Fly (Level 3) on Tholtz Daggerdark.
Cultist 1 runs towards the people who appeared suddenly on the bow
Mortimer Seaton cancels its move.
Cultist 2 misses WaveBreak with Dagger. 
G.O. Rakius IV looks around and says, "Oh, this is going to be fun. I'm just going to assume you've got this, birdy."
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 2).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Misty Step (2).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 4).
G.O. Rakius IV uses Blight (4) on Tholtz Daggerdark.
G.O. Rakius IV bamfs over to the other side of Wave Break and shouts, "KNEEL BEFORE ZO… Oh, just die!"
Cultist 3 hits WaveBreak with Dagger for 3 damage (d4 piercing).
Round 3 begins.
WaveBreak cocks her head to one side and trills a bar of a nightingale's song.
WaveBreak hits Cultist 3 with Rapier + Sneak Attack for 10 damage (d8+2 piercing) plus 21 damage (4d6 piercing).
Cultist 3 dies instantly.
WaveBreak hits Cultist 2 with Shortsword + Sneak Attack for 2 damage (d6 piercing) plus 13 damage (4d6 piercing).
Cultist 2 drops.
Cultist hits WaveBreak with Dagger for 2 damage (d4 piercing).
Cultist says "Poke!"
Giant Octopus hits WaveBreak with Tentacles (Grapple) for 10 damage (2d63 bludgeoning).
Giant Octopus buffets WaveBreak with its tentacles and wraps her firmly.
Another Giant Octopus climbs out of the sea to join the fight
Tholtz Daggerdark says "Bah, you're powers are as nothing to mine!"
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Level 3 Slot.
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Lightning Bolt (Level 3) on G.O. Rakius IV, WaveBreak.
Cultist 1 misses G.O. Rakius IV with Dagger. 
A third Giant Octopus emerges from below and swims toward Mortimer
A third Giant Octopus hits Mortimer Seaton with Tentacles (Grapple) for 6 damage (2d63 bludgeoning).
A third Giant Octopus grabs Mortimer and pulls him under the water
G.O. Rakius IV shouts, "If you're so great, why are you running from me?! Oh, right. Because I'm a GOD!"
G.O. Rakius IV uses Spell Slot (Lvl 3).
GM [DM] hurts Tholtz Daggerdark for 27 damage.
G.O. Rakius IV uses Fireball (3, 20ft radius) on Tholtz Daggerdark.
Ballista hits Cultist with Ballista (120/480) for 18 damage (3d10 piercing).
Cultist drops.
Cultist emerges onto the deck
Cultist hits G.O. Rakius IV with Dagger for 1 damage (d4 piercing).
Round 4 begins.
Zan-Kyri charges.
WaveBreak clicks her talons against the ship's deck out of annoyance.
Giant Octopus says "Sucker!"
WaveBreak hits Giant Octopus with Rapier + Sneak Attack for 3 damage (d8+2 piercing) plus 13 damage (4d6 piercing).
WaveBreak hits Giant Octopus with Shortsword + Sneak Attack for 1 damage (d6 piercing) plus 8 damage (4d6 piercing).
Cultist hits WaveBreak with Dagger for 4 damage (d4 piercing).
Giant Octopus misses G.O. Rakius IV with Tentacles (Grapple). 
Weasel uses Acid Splash (60') on A third Giant Octopus.
Weasel hits A third Giant Octopus with Crossbow for 6 damage (d8
3 piercing).
Another Giant Octopus misses G.O. Rakius IV with Tentacles (Grapple). 
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Level 6 Slot.
Weasel attempts to cover the octopus in acid, but it washes away too quickly to do anything. She hastily pulls out her crossbow, and, treading water with no hands, manages to aim it at the octopus, striking a tenticle. 
Tholtz Daggerdark lands on the bow of the ship
Tholtz Daggerdark uses Globe of Invulnerability (Level 6) on Tholtz Daggerdark.
Tholtz Daggerdark says "Slarkrethel, I beseech thee. Come to the aid of your followers!"
Cultist 1 hits G.O. Rakius IV with Dagger for 4 damage (d4 piercing).
Mortimer Seaton hits A third Giant Octopus with Trident for 6 damage (d8 piercing).
A third Giant Octopus hits Mortimer Seaton with Tentacles (
Grapple) for 13 damage (2d6+3 bludgeoning).
The effect A third Giant Octopus is delaying is gone.
Ilyena impatiently wills the ships to move closer together while weighing the speed at which she might swim across against the speed of the ship. It didn't appear to make much difference, and she'd rather keep her weapons and armor dry. 
Ilyena uses Level 4 on Ilyena.
Ilyena uses Spiritual Weapon (L4) (60').
Spiritual Weapon hits A third Giant Octopus with slash (Level 4) for 12 damage (2d8+4 force).
GM [DM] heals WaveBreak for 16 damage.
G.O. Rakius IV waltzes right in, raises his rapier with its fancy octopus hilt and says, "My name is G.O. Rakius the Fourth. I killed my father. Prepare to die!"
G.O. Rakius IV hits Tholtz Daggerdark with Booming Blade © (Rapier) for 4 damage (d8+3 piercing) plus 5 damage (d8 Thunder).
The effect G.O. Rakius IV is delaying is gone.
Ballista hits A third Giant Octopus with Ballista (120/480) for 10 damage (3d10 piercing).
Cultist hits WaveBreak with Dagger for 4 damage (d4 piercing).
Round 5 begins.



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