Game Rules

1. If you aren't going to make it to the game let me know, and tell me what you'd like me to do with your char (sit out, run by another player or DM, etc). If you don't let me know, the choice is up to me (but I won't assign your character to another player without your consent). As long as I get some notice, your character will get XP for the session (but will miss out on loot, etc). Missing without notice may be grounds for removal, especially if I don’t hear from you afterwards either.
2. If you have been entrusted to run a character for someone else, no major plot/character changes are allowed.
3. I have heard that 5e is rather deadly and the old "run into a room and kill everything" style of play doesn't work too well. Also, I firmly believe that D&D is much more engaging if there's a real possibility of character death. So work together and fight smart. If someone does die, I will probably allow the player to run an NPC for the rest of the session and roll up another character for the next.
4. Characters should be created with a 27 point buy from the PHB and using the   Character Creation Questions. Send them to me ASAP so I can get them in the software.
5. Once we figure out the mechanics of 5e and the software, I plan to introduce a "shot-timer" during initiative (time length TBD). My goal is to help foster the feeling of action/panic during a battle as well as keep the game running a little faster. We'll give it a try and see how it works.
6. I have never run a group that was heavy on role-playing, but my plan is to base game play on each of your characters backgrounds/personalities, and will encourage everyone to see the game through the eyes of the character. 5e has somewhat more of an RP gist than previous editions, so be sure to read/create your character notes and keep your ideals/bonds/flaw in mind while playing.
7. If we're running a pre-published adventure and you haven't already read it, I would prefer if you don't. If you have, just try to keep player-knowledge and character-knowledge separate.
8. I have trouble remaining serious for any length of time (noticed that yet?) so don't expect some super serious fantasy adventure. As long as we can keep things moving along feel free to have fun, make jokes or pop-culture references. If it gets too out of hand, I'll let everyone know and we can dial it back a bit.
9. Here are some rules that I have seen around that I really like regarding characters, so I'll put them here. Some people don't agree with these rules, but I do and this is the type of game I like to run:
* The character must work in a group
* The character must be fun for the player and the rest of the party
* The character must be decent at heart
* The character must have a reason to go adventuring
* The character must fit the campaign style
* The character must have long term goals
* The player must be able to actually play the character

10.In situations like the ones we find ourselves in on a weekly basis, it’s easy to make people feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s as blatant as discussing dead babies; maybe it’s something much more benign, like being rude or chatting them up in-character. If you think you might have upset someone, then ask ‘em, quietly. And if you have, apologise, and stop talking about that particular thing. It’s not rocket science; that’s how existing as a functioning social human being works, and somehow because we’re pretending to be a halfling for a bit, we often forget how to do it. So, you know, be nice. Be extra nice. No-one’s going to think any less of you for it. 1
This goes for language, also. In a group of random people assembled from the internet, it’s just too hard to gauge someone’s comfort level, so let’s just avoid the problem altogether.

11. If you need changes made to your character sheet I need to know by Sunday evening. Any change requests made on Monday or Tuesday won’t be available for that week’s session. 

12. If there’s anything you don’t like about the way the game is going, LET ME KNOW, either during the game or in an email. I am always open to feedback and have a pretty thick skin ;-)

13. If there’s something you really like about the game, LET ME KNOW, so I can include more when appropriate.


Game Rules

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